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Ode to a lost friend.
Butterflies and Sorrow.

It was late Christmas Eve afternoon, a magnificent pink and orange glow  set over the mountains on the horizon as we drove up the hill towards our front gate.

Perched on the letterbos next door was a mass of colourful butterflies that suddenly took flight and scattered above us as we approached. We turned into our driveway, the butterflies continued on down the neighbours long drive.

She had loved watching those beautiful sunsets with me and she had loved butterflies. Her Christmas tree was adorned in butterflies each year as ornamental butterflies and fairies decorated her house and garden all year round. She was with me now.

She was more than just a neighbour, she was a dear friend. We had walked these hills together many times. getting fit, laughing, crying, sharing, supporting each other, solving the problems of the world. We could tell each other secrets and know they would stay here amongst the hills. Only the kangaroos and wind could share our private thoughts.

The last time I saw her was at the end of one of these walks. we stopped, panting, at the top of our joining driveways and hugged and said our goodbyes. I was about to go overseas on a months holiday with my husband. She said she was going to miss me. We hugged once more and waved goodbye as we walked down a our repective driveways across our properties.

How was I suppose to know it was I who would miss her. When I returned she was gone forever, taken far too soon. They say only the good die young. Well, she must have done something very good ! If best friends are the family you choose, she will always be my sister. She is in my heart forever.
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