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Guts, blood, brutal killing, Beware, too dangerous... Don't continue
The cloaked man watched from his hiding place in the nearby forest. His victim was 36 year old Matthew Shallowhand. Shallowhand was the senator of our new government. He was in the same area as always, the area was what he called the Sanctum. It was basically a balcony. His bodyguards stood behind him facing towards the door. I watched from my hiding place. It was almost time; I was just waiting for the big clock to hit 12:00. As if time could read minds, they big clock stroke midnight. I began into a jog. Gaining speed every second. I Moved silently but fierce and at a constant speed, when I made it to where I had to jump to get to the balcony, I kept at the speed, I had done this a million times already. I jumped onto a latter of one of his finest mausoleums and landed right beside the guards. As I landed I pulled out my two crafty but rare dragon daggers and plunged them into my victim’s necks. Blood leaked out, I could feel there life's end. It was a bloody mess but this was my playing field. I ripped the daggers out and quickly replaced them with my Italian sword and jumped onto Shallowhand shoulders and plunged the sword through his head and ripped his head off and let it fall off the cliff. I quickly pulled out my cloth and cleaned my sword and sheathed it. The night was finally over, I ran to the ledge and jumped of spiraling right onto my horse and smashed down hard on the reins and took off into the night.
Once again he sat waiting for his victim. This time his victim was another assassin called Lighfoot. He had a knack of getting in the mood to kill people of importance who did nothing wrong. I only killed those who wronged me, my country or my boss. But not Lighfoot, he did what he pleased and he needed to be controlled. Right now we were at a V.I.P mask party. I wore a red tuxedo, with a red vest, matching slacks and a mask. My red curly hair was flowing down my backside and I had my daggers concealed. I left my sword at home it would be too big to conceil ; this one was going to be fun. I wanted to make this long and painful for him. I was twirling around with some damsel when I first caught side of him. He wore a black matching set of what I had on. He had a smug grin on his face and walked as if he owned the place. I read his movements and body language and read his intentions, he came to kill and knowing his motto it had to be the queen, and with that knowledge I had to react fast. So I ran up the stair case, running faster and faster as I got higher and higher. When I reached the town, I lunched myself off the stairs onto the chandlers. I had caused no intention yet, how smooth of I. I waited for him. Then I let go, I dropped right at the right time, I crashed into him and we went tumbling. We both got up in a matter of second, weapons ready. He lunged at me and I parried it and slammed my dagger into his eye socket, he howled in pain, as bloods seeped out his eyes and he fell to the ground in pain, I jumped onto him and began to repeatedly stab him over and over in his stomach. Then I flipped backward and gave him a round house kick to the jaw and cracked his face. He was finished. Then I ran into the darkness, never even turning back.

I went home with a smile on my face
It was crazy how my life was. Today was a good day, I would say it was quick and I made it with no injuries.

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