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by vinny
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this is a monologue of a pen
If pens could speak...

if our pens ever spoke out this is what they would say...

"what the hell do you think you are doing?using me to scratch your sweaty and smelly head.you insensitive fool."

"stop taking off my cap for fun.can't you see?i am trying to get some sleep."

"do you think your good for nothing brain will think any better if you keep flicking me in your hand??PUT ME DOWN."

"stop chewing on me!!or i will break your teeth."

"put me in a more respectable place than your jeans in the washing machine."

"i will not pass through another salwaar to put that string for fastening.it suffocates me."

"atleast give me some rest when you're on the phone.stop drawing hearts and writing your name and your beloved's over and over again.i know it already."

"sheesh!!i feel ashamed of myself for transferring your dirty handwriting to paper."

"don't you dare write another curse word using me.watch what you right!"

"don't make me write your love letters.they make me sick!."

"ahh!your diary is so not a secret anymore."
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