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Life's journey expressed by a flowing river.

          Life is like a river, flowing into eternity. The people of this world are each in their own life boat (to sort of speak), floating in the river of life. Life is the flowing river waiting to be experienced. Everyone is in the river of life together.

         Everyone has been warned that you must fear this river, it not to be trusted. They will say to you that you don't know what's out there, and life's river is very dangerous, please listen to us. They will tell of rapids, waterfalls, and eddies, and other pitfalls of life. There could probably even be sea monsters, as it was used in the past to scare sailors, to prevent them from exploring the seas. Perhaps it will lead you to a place where you fall of the edge of the world into the abyss, into the great unknown. No matter how ridiculous, outrageous, or really how true is seems, you are taught fear your whole life. Anything can and will be said to build up your fears.

          Fear's what's used to control you. The only way anyone can hold power over someone is by fear. Leaders in this world use these fears to control, and manipulate you, whether it is your leaders in government, religions, or business tycoons (corporations). This would include any person with power, or sway over you.

         In reality, the river of life was meant to be lived and enjoyed. Most people are rowing their life boat against the current of life, trying to stay in one place. They want to feel secure, and don't even want to rock the boat, or say a word. Even in countries that allow you to exercise a vote, they don't. They think that it doesn't even matter. The ones in power hope they don't, they're few in number, and actually fear the people will find out what they're up to, and try to take over.

         Fearing the river, everyone is watching, and waiting for someone to stand up and save them. The wait becomes long, and this can cause them to become unhappy, and disconnected. Life is a struggle for them and they can't imagine why. They are doing what they were told, and taught to do. You must stand up and save yourself. If you don't, life's river is going to flow on, with or without you.

          How many people sit in their life's boat being content, while rowing against the current, going nowhere? They just watch life pass them by. Not one of them willing to take a chance for a change in their life. Then when they near the end of their lives they say to themselves “If I only did this” or “If I only did that” my life would have been so much better. They think to themselves, "what about the one (love) that got away.”

          Now there are only regrets, and sadness, a longing knowing something missing and isn't right. While at the same time they didn't know what to do. Their fear had paralyzed them, becoming so afraid, they dared not to even move. Most all of those who had power, or sway over them, had warn them not to move anyway.

         Suddenly something happens, and they start to move a little. They panic, and then think to themselves, "If only I could just get back to where I was, everything would be okay again." Now they are really struggling, fighting the current of the river of life, rowing even harder. They become desperate, scared, startled, and lashing out. They do this because of being so afraid of change. Not realizing that it was actually good to move, and that they might have enjoyed the experience. It would have been painless, without struggle. Instead now they row even harder to get back to nowhere, becoming even more frustrated in their life.

          The truth is the river of life was meant to be experienced. The secret of life is to stop rowing. As your starting down the river you may be scared at first, because of the unknown, and all of the things you were taught to fear. However instead you will be at peace, and then you can begin to enjoy the ride. At first you will realize there is nothing you have to do, just sit back and watch as the scenery go by. You will start living in the now, instead of where your mind tends to go. Which is into the past, or future. You will learn presence of self. Going through all the twists and curves as you flow down life's river, enjoying the ride, and experiencing everything that life has to offer.

          Now you are starting to find your own truths about life by experiencing it, and not what you were told the truth was by someone else. A truth they may have never experienced themselves, and probably had taking their truth from what someone else had said. The more of life's river that you experience, the more of the truth you will know. You will learn that life is forever changing, and your truths will change along with it.

         Riding along you are observing everything, and how it all works. What works becomes your new truth, what doesn't is cast aside. Your feelings become you. You feel, and become love, happiness, joy, peace, caring, kind, compassionate, and sensual. You remember all your opposites, like hate, unhappiness, envy, restlessness. and even fear, they're a part of you. You need them to be a whole person, although you may not choose not to use them. Some of the negatives will just disappear while in the living in the present (now). These negative feelings have no place, or hold in the present state. The present is the gift of life.

         You are now made aware of nature, all the beauty in the world, and how precious life really is. You even notice everything in the universe is alive, giving birth to new stars, and galaxies. You observe how amazing life really is, from a single celled organism, to the most advanced being. You now realize how interconnected everything is, and anything you do can effect all. Your desire is for it all to last forever.

         While on your journey through life, you will see people struggling, rowing against the river. You call out to them, to tell them your truth about the river of life. You try to convince them of the truths that you have learned. Most won't listen because they are afraid, and fearful of change. Their leaders will tell them that you are a fool, a heretic, and not to listen to him or her. Telling them that you are out to hurt them, you may cause their damnation, and to keep rowing. “Row as you life depends on it,” they say.

         This is why you need hate, because you hate to see them struggling through life. You want to help, so you keep reaching out. With compassion you know their fears, because you were once just like them. You were once caught up in the world. With hope you are thinking maybe, just maybe, someone might listen. Maybe even you. You are experiencing the feelings of compassion, patience, sorrow, despair, and hope. Your feelings are expanding, and you are becoming even more aware of your truths.

          Then like magic, every once in a while someone will listen, and stop rowing. All of creation celebrates this person. Heaven and earth celebrate knowing that finally they are on their own journey at last. Joy is felt by all who have made, or started to make the journey down life's river themselves.

          As you continue on down the river of life you realize that you have grown, and are growing, evolving, changing all the time. After all you have nothing more to do, then experience life. That is all you have to do, this is your purpose in life. You are remembering, and becoming a whole person again. All of a sudden you remember who you are, and now it all makes sense, you realize you are … I'm not going to spoil the mystery of life. Take your own journey, find out for yourself. Find your own truths, because that's what life is truly all about.

Thomas Seeker

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