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by Archie
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For Pocket Lovers Worldwide!
My comfortable old cargo jeans are at the point where to wear them in public would be embarrassing. So, my future includes shopping for a new pair of cargo jeans, or cargo trousers of some sort. If I am lucky, really lucky, I’ll find a pair or two of cargo socks, too. Do they even make cargo socks, or cargo underwear?

Cargo trousers, long-legged or short-legged, are a boon to people who, like me, feel they need pockets and more pockets. One can never have too many pockets.

What do my pockets contain, you ask? Come on, ask! Okay. Here’s my list:

· Notebooks, one or two

· Bus passes, just in case

· Business card cases, two

· Wallet

· Matches

· Keys, work and home

· Receipts

· Post-It Notes with sometimes vital information

· Change

· Wipes in case I encounter a good BBQ restaurant

· Handkerchief or tissues

· Cell phone

· Matches and/or lighter

· iPod

· Thumb drive, one or two

· Battery-powered phone charger

· Miscellaneous ad hoc items, batteries, paper clips, spare USB cord, Swiss Army Knife, pistol with ammo

So, you see, pockets in trousers are a necessity, and cargo trousers serve my pocket needs ideally.

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