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Telling the process of forming an addiction to me
An Addiction is formed pt. 1

The full moon comes and

I lose my mind

All reason is lost and my self control is tested nd fails

Somehow I recruit new ones for this adventure

A clue, they aren't given, just the way I love it

Get mixed up with my plan and getting out seems impossible

Addiction is possible and is common

Say you won't go down in such a way

Not knowing what exactly what's in store

Go in blindly and I'll correct your vision just for a moment, so reality can set in

Still, you wont let go!

The addition is way too strong for such simple minds I feast on!

Part 2

I'm easily fallened for.

They love my uniqueness and

Intelligent creative mind

Still love hasn't touched my

Heart to stop me collecting victims

Yes, they're my victims

And I don't let go any of them

Until, a fresh batch is available

When will they learn?

I'm as sweet as honey

But the after taste is a bad one

When they realize

All that is going on

And a fair warning is never asked

So why should I tell?

Its all safe... In a way

Your body will be physically safe

And sexually pleased

All you sacrifice is your

Heart & Mind
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