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A writing from a broken heart. Here's what it has to say to ber healed and move on!
A painful process we have truly become.

But I can honestly say

That this isn't fun

All the love is gone.

And now hate is surfacing

Don't worry, I'll never tell all the pain you bring

But hey! I brought a fair share too

That had you up nights like days all sad &blue

The problem is and was

It remains the same

Can't be as one if we're in two different lanes

So I won't twist and pull your arm, no more

For, it wasn't a healthy successful destiny you were looking for

What you wanted was superficial

While I was deeper than our issues

Issues that we, together faced daily

Still, I was proud to say you were my baby

But hate surfaced

Once the lies exited your lips and finger tips

You ripped my heart out and shredded it

Once the truth finally surfaced...

Opened myself up wider than the ocean, blue

Vulnerable like a newborn without protection to block illnesses

Trusting that all will go well and if any pain felt

Wouldn't bring bloodshed and dried up tear stains

But wishful thinking had my mind too insane

That reality and I lost touch

Like long distanced cousins

But once thee big bang even arrived

Reality & I

Were back, tight!

And I was crying about the lies, turning into the truth

And the masked face unveiled

Thought was a masterpiece was actually a knock off piece

And hate starts to surface...

Still love puts up a darn good fight

But one gives up by the end of the night

Hate overcomes and is the moodset between the two used to be best lovers

How dare could this happen?

All because lies were stacking on an unsteady foundation

Waiting to bend

All it needed was God to send the winds

It broke and truth revealed

How ugly and messed up it truly is

Hate surfaced and won again

Cause it wasn't true love we were even in

Caught up in a fantasy trying to become true

Couldn't work that way because it wasn't ever just

Me & you

And that's what pained the heart

That it was over before it could even start

All it took was....

Hate to surface
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