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by abro
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Humans are different than animals.
Yes. Humans are like animals biologically But this thing not make both same!

Animals obeys Natural Laws Always. Without any break or excuse.
Go to sleep at fixed time, wake up at fixed time. Do sex at fixed season.
While Humans are different. You know.

Animals/Plants population always remains balanced, due to certain reasons, as food chain. While Humans are different. Sometimes they kill millions people in wars and sometimes they help the population grow by advancement of technology/medicine. And now we know this is not a good thing, we are almost reaching 7 billion now. More people means more they need food, shelter, basic needs ... and this is exact not according to nature.

Animals always follow their animal instincts, for their bodily needs. And don't go beyond it. Like they do not save excess food whether inside their body or outside (i mean they have limits). No burying their deads no rituals and no sacrifices. (may be for dogs its their jobs to die for master not sacrifice.)
But Humans are different. Aren't they?
Emotions work greater part in Human Society. Or we say emotions are Human Instincts.

So all ways, humans could be resembled to animals biologically. But Human World is totally different than animals.
For animals its nature, which defines principles for them. They are helpless regarding this. Whether nature feeds them or make them starve to death.
But Humans are different. It seems Nature has freed humans from all its restrictions. Surely humans have not overpowered the nature but at least they are free to rebel. And surely they'll have to face the consequences whether good or bad. That's make the different humans from animals.

In this way. The Natural Selection or Survival of Fittest does not work for humans.

And if humans are not simply another species of planet earth then surely there will be a certain reason behind it! (if humans are not like animals they question arise why)
I mean why nature made humans unlike animals or plants. Free!
(yes they are not totally free, they are bound to certain laws, but it seems humans are gradually freeing themselves even with these certain laws. Someone in old age could say humans cannot free from gravity of earth, but now we know we can, someone could say we cannot see the farther stars, but now we are extending our sight)
Nights are for sleep and day for work, but humans can rebel this rule and can do opposite.

So all these things tells, first thing we should not compare humans with animals but in terms of only biologically. And important thing, humans got Free Will, whether they choose good or bad, and nature does not order him.

So if humans got free will and nature does not force them, then question arises why, what is the purpose behind it, what is the reason behind it? Is this simply an accident in natural laws in cosmos or there is really something big behind it.

Naturally we know if someone is unable to do something then he is not liable to it.
(if you are a teacher and there is a blind student in a class, you are not suppose to punish him because he didn't see a bird out of window, when you mentioned.)
But in reverse if someone is able to do something then he is liable too. Specially when ho got free will (all the weapons and arsenals, whatever he demanded)!

I left it here, upto you to find the answer.

I got only one quotation/tradition resemble to above material.

"Abdulah bin Sannan asked Imam Jafar Sadiq (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Ja%27far_al-Sadiq) Either Angels are better/superlative or human beings? He said: Ameeral Momineen (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Ali) said Allah bestowd angels with wisdom/intellect but not lust and wish and gave animals lust and wish but not intellect and human beings are given both. So if someone intellect overcome his wish, he is better than angels and if someone's lush and wish overcome his intellect his is worse than animals."
Illalul Sharae, Chapter 6

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