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This is a new controversial theory of mine on the creation process
I'm theorizing that everything consists of a cycle that is including not only time and space, stars and planets, animals and insects, but all that can possibly exist in our dimension as well as others. Is it a wonder that everything follows a pattern, a cycle, a circle. What im proposing will seem too incedible to believe, and thus why it is only a theory of mine, one that would explain why time and space is continuing to expand at a faster and faster speed and even creation itself. So without further ado, let me try to explain what i mean by all of this. i believe that our world, stars, galaxies, everything that is, is all one cycle consisting of the smallest to the greatest, by this i mean everything lives and dies,and there it moves up to higher and higher forms, unitl it includes everything that is or can be. From bacteria, to insects, animals, planets, stars, galaxies, the universe, until we reach an end, which i for now would like to just call reality. Once reality comes to an end, i propose through a set of actions, it restarts again, exactly the same way as it did prior, nothing changing from the previous. all actions, thoughts, animals, all continue once more, similar to a time loop. But this doesn't explain alternate realities, i believe that there are a infinite amount of cycles varying only slightly to the previous, theses cycles are but slighlty different to the one before it, so this means something was done slightly different in the next cycle. All possible cycles exist side by side but exist in different time space field. So this means there are a infinite amount of you's out there, some only slightly different, others farther away may be greatly different, but they all exist at the same time within its own personal time space field, all continuing in cycles. And now getting to the cycle of of a particular time space field, or reality. All realities continue indefinitely, from begining to end starting out small, then expanding till collapse, then re expanding (big bang) once more. To explain this more, i believe once reality has reached its end (death), all that exist in our time space filed expands and continues to draw everything closer together until like a rubber band, snap. It creates a huge fiery explosion which destroys in theory reality. This explosion then implodes, that implosion marks the beginning, or rebeginning of our time space existence once more. the magnitude of energy produced causes the implosion to explode once again which creates "the big bang" once again which sparks the creation period, and that explosion again continues to expand until the end of reality is reached once more
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