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Well let me see...how shall I begin? This is a strange happening! I was out on my sailboat on a beautiful July day, it was a comfortable seventy degrees, the wind was light and variable. As evening came, I noticed a strange glow from the cabin. I left the helm to take a look and there much to my amazement I saw a figure sitting at the table, sitting back appearing very relaxed.

For a moment I stood there staring, in a moment I found my voice and exclaimed

How did you get onboard?!!

He said "I was sent."

Well who are you and who sent you?

"I'm an Angel and my Master sent me."

What? I asked a little louder than wanted to sound.

"I am an Angel and my Master sent me." he repeated calmly.

Oh come on quit kidding around I retorted.

"I'm not kidding you." he said.

Well let me see you prove you're an Angel I returned.

"We don't do silly magical demonstrations any more he said. In time you will see that I'm telling the truth."

Well we will see I said as I reached out to grab him but for some strange reason I was held back. I felt a tingling sensation through my body and sat weakly back in the cockpit.

After a moment I composed myself and looked back inside hoping he would be gone. He was not. So who is this Master you refer to and why did he send you?

"He is your creator and he sent me to be interviewed by you."

What? By me! Why me? I asked.

"I do not know." he said calmly. "Maybe because you've done a few interviews and he liked them."
I haven't done an interview in years I said.

"Well search me." he retorted, rather smugly. "So let's get started."

My mind raced. I did have lots of questions I would like answered; the church and ministers always seem to have pat answers to everything. Wow, if this were real what an opportunity. Well let me think here, how many questions do I have?

"As many as you would like." he said.

Can we extend to tomorrow? I asked.

"Sure. Even into weeks and months." he said.

Well let's see now....
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