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Life? Choices? Why?
The way what really might be? That is the first question I am asking myself. It is referring to life. Might? Why isn’t it the way it really is? Or better yet just the way it is. I guess my answer to my own prior questions are that if life is what I am referring to, then it might be one way however if we make a choice one day it could be a totally different way than previously.

Choices can make that much of a difference? Let’s look at two scenarios.

1.          There is a boy and he is about 16 years old and he want to buy a new car because he is going to get is license soon. His parents choose to make him work for the price of this new vehicle. Seems fair enough. Now he has two choices he can turn off his video games and get a job or not have means of transportation. Simple as that. Does this forced choice at a young age define him? Would this choice in turn affect his life in some way down the road or even immediatly?

2.          There is a woman in her 50’s very unhappy in her life. She has no children and never has had time for a meaningful relationship with anyone but her job. The company she has slaved for is closing its doors after 30 years of employment there she is alone. What are her choices? She could find another job to work every day with her experience and background she is well qualified. She could change her career altogether.  Maybe she will just do some soul searching and find out if career is number one or if all these years she has worked so hard for money and success to enjoy it with no one but herself.  Is this turning point in her life going to change her? Or was there something that made her who she is that we don’t even know yet?

This is what makes life. Choices, but not only choices the ones that define who we are and who we will be. These choices however can they be reversed? Can we learn something from them? Are we molded at a young age to work hard for ourselves or to work hard for something that in turn brings us nothing?

I am from a generation of takers. I am 29 years old and was handed everything I ever needed by my parents. I love them for that. But they also taught me that you don’t take what is not yours and when it’s time to work you go. Most people of my generation take and don’t give. They don’t understand what it means to save and earn. I know as an adolescent I received more then I needed without giving anything in return but respect and love. So when I work those are my goals in life and all I want or need. But maybe to some respect and love is something that they know nothing of. Its foreign to them they know how to, like in scenario 1, bust butt because they have no one to help them but themselves. Or, like scenario 2, they feel inadequate to love or live until they have reached a point of success they may never achieve.

The real conclusion I come to here is what it might be will never be known until we are dead and gone and all our life choices are made. Each choice in our lives leads us to a different path until we meet our demise.  Only then will we know what it really was.

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Printed from https://www.Writing.Com/view/1779283