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Who doesn't love a good pirate tale? Be warned matey- pirate language knowledge a must!
I be all adrift this morn when I looked out across the blue yonder. We had lined many a deadmen up and emptied a hogshead or two last eve, me dead lights were a squinting.

"Ahoy" me ears a heard. I was all standing and belayed my deck swabbing and pulled me barker ready should I need to send the intruder to the Dead Man's Chest.

"Avast there ye old seadog," I heard from beyond the deck of me ol gal.

"Well shiver me timbers why it's ol' Cap'n Jack Knocknees an' Pirate Pete the Parrotless." That ol' parrot danced the hempen jig years ago– giv'n away where ye pirate booty was a hid'n he did, but poor ol' Pete with too much of the grog in him still thinks he's alive. Tiniest hempen halter t'was round it's little neck.

I looked down the side of the Ol Gal and saw the worn wood I welcomed them aboard "Yarr tip us your daddle there old friend," I hoped ye deadmen had been cleared from the galley and the black jacks were clean to share some grog and oosh with the company.

"Well blow me down, what brings ye by these waters there ol' Jack?" I eyed him up and down carefully. He was an ol hornswaggle back in the day. A real good pirate of the worst kind. But we sailed the same ship an shared many a tall tale together.

"I'm swallowing the anchor," He said with a glimmer in his dead lights. "An I be needing someone to capt'n the ol Grimm Perriwinkle."

I sat back in me chair and looked him in the eye, lookin' for a glint of a smile behind them to tell me he was a hornswaggling me, but saw he looked to be tellin' no tale.

to be continued.....
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