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The terrible rain and wind had ended. I'd been walking when it hit and it grew dark as night. As the mists lifted and the sky grew light, I saw there were strange creatures inhabiting my street. Blinking my eyes wide, I saw amber bricks lined a path ahead. A striped sign claimed, 'This is Zed.' It seemed as if I were elsewhere, but that sign puzzled me. A munchkin appeared and answered, “This is Zed. The Wicked Witch eradicated the fifteenth letter in the alphabet here as it makes her mad."

I was having difficulty as the images in my brain kept switching. I was having difficulty thinking and issues with speaking as everything I wanted--, ideas screaming, seemingly included that deleted letter and my mind went blank mid idea.

Deciding silence might be the answer during the next few minutes, I glanced at what I saw. Truffle-shaped dwellings grew as if scattered seeds had burst in full bud, a garden with huts painted purple, green, red and blue. Small creatures, the Munchkins were, barely as tall as my waist, wearing brightly patterned garments and brighter smiles.

I was handed a red and white swirled peppermint sucker. I was thinking, still puzzled. They were singing, but the music seemed different; the lyrics I remembered fractured by the witch’s edict. Must have been a twister that dumped my Auntie Em’s place here in Zed. My little canine; I must stutter if I want him; T-t-t-t-.

Tin Man and the Scarabird arrived, saying that the Frightened Feline was busy elsewhere. I tried creating the inquiries amassing in my brain; but I was missing the necessary speech parts. Friendship still existed, but what happened when feelings grew deeper? Was there a Great Spirit? A Fantastic Witch? Did the Wizard in Emerald City have my answers?

The Frightened Feline arrived, and we five (add in the canine) danced side by side, traipsing the amber brick path leading us the Emerald Way.

The Ruby Slippers, appearing magically and replacing my sneakers, hurt as we walked, but glinted brightly in the sun. I wanted my Auntie Em and Kansas. But it was imp-- sigh, hard. My return. What had replaced a warmed air zeppelin? The wizard shrugged. He had issues far deeper than mine that he must deal with. Me? I can’t say the magical spell. There is naught better than where I live. I click; heel against heel. I am still here. I repeat it three times.

The Tin Man shakes his head, hugs me. "We are glad that it failed. We really like, we like. . .” His speech faded, silence filled with a hug instead.

“Auntie Em….. There is naught better than where I live.” CLICK. “There is naught better than where I live.”


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