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A story of love and fantasy. Unfinnished
I. Answers All Along
Life is full of questions but never any answers. I've come to realize that. My whole life I've aked so many questions but I've never gotten any of the answers that I've required. No one has and no one ever will... Except if you happen to know me.
The day started as usual for a Wedneday. Wake up, shower, get dressed, eat, and get on the bus. Normally I'd do this all within a twenty minute radius. Today? Well, let's just say for some odd reason it took twice that.
Once I was on the bus things startedto go back to normal. I sat where I usualy sit with my best friend, Amber. As soon as I sat down the rumors started. "Ohmygosh! Liv, did you hear about the new kid? He is so cute!" Amber giggled. "Amber can you be any more of a gossiper?"
"Well," She said. "I've heard the new kid is in our class and none of the Barbie's like him. Plus he got expelled from his old school." Okay, Barbie's don't like the new kid? Oh, right, the Barbie's are the preppy 'cool' group at our school. Now, I wonder what the new kid did to tick off the Barbie's.
Hmmm. This new kid seems interesting.
"Amber? What did New Kid do to piss off the Barbie's?" I questioned her as we pulled into thee high school. "I heard that he told them off and called them preps to their faces." A guys voice told me. Turning around I could see Jasper walking up to us from his seat. As he gave Amber and me a hug Amber giggled. "Oh I'm going to like him!"
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