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The question that i ask myself,be warned this may burden your thoughts with more questions
Faith is what keeps us grounded. What is faith? The choice? A choice? To not let your soul fall into the depths of chance? The unknown. To somehow feel as though you have at least some say in what happens, with something you plead rightfully your own? That in which case you feel the need to convert others to this said self belief. That in a hope if they belive it makes it that much truer. Or is it safety in numbers, in which they continue to draw us toward their thoughts like moths to flames. They Claim there's choice, what a sacramental lie that is. We have no choice to what bred belief is strewn into our docile minds at such an innocent age. When really our innocence came from how un-poisoned our mind, body, and souls were from the spiled knowledge we get forcefully indulged in at such a feral time. There is no choice as to whom would have the pleasure. Immersing your thoughts and beliefs with his own, his own not yours. What little piece of factual barbarianized information we have upon this matter is the one we choose to belive or rather the one we have aged around and took upon it in our minds as wealth while to others around us might beget to debauched! My primal instinct is as inbred as my more de-placed brethren is in-placed in my bible. Of which whether i choose or not to belive, extends or reduces the darkness that is sure to envelope my soul. The choice is ours...... Dear belamy we have no choice............
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