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Arthur G. Dozier School for Boys/North Florida Youth Development Center will close 6/30/11
Evil Era Ending At Summer's Beginning

A summer breeze
will soon gently blow
with the balminess of Florida
through the crumbling ruins
of a beast finally slain
after an evil rule
of a century plus eleven more
years of hell.

On the last day of the first month of summer
in the year of our Lord 2011,
the doors of a reform school
that was neither a school nor a place of reform
will close its doors for the final time,
and the lights will go out.

On countless occasions,
its former residents
(minor boys--some as young as seven or eight)
waited in a building on the grounds
known as
The White House
to have their trembling bodies ripped open
by a strap used to "discipline" them
for "offenses" that were often as minor as
smiling at the wrong time
or not making better grades at the on-grounds school.

this dreadful White House
and other assorted buildings
will be waiting to be ripped apart
by wrecking balls and Cat claws.

One working day at a time,
this ugly blot
on the physical/emotional landscape of our planet
will be reduced to ruins
just as so many of its residents
were reduced to ruins
by floggings, rapes, and hurtful words
while the surrounding community
turned blind, sheeple eyes in their direction.

At night,
the balmy breezes of a Florida summer
will blow gentle healing across the grounds
while the past begins to disappear into landfills--
though, sadly, not from the memories of the survivors.

In time,
those who never knew that it was ever there
could never tell that it was ever there--
unless the story keeps on being told
lest we forget
and allow something like this to happen again.

Next year, a summer breeze will blow once more
over the changed landscape,
whispering to those with ears
that not just hear but, also, listen
concerning the following question:
"What comes next!?!"

Ainsley Jo Phillips

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