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This is part of a story I'm working on. I know there are errors, but ignore them.
As I leaned against my locker, a sigh escaped my lips. I felt completely invisible as everyone walked by, not noticing me at all. When the halls were mostly clear, I pushed myself up and strolled out of the building. Instead of taking the usual way home, however, I took the longer, scenic route.
I hurried to the edge of the thick forest, but slowed when I got inside. The sun was high above but the trees blocked most of the light, making each step dangerous for me. A smile formed on my face as the trees thinned and I broke off in a run until I reached a large clearing.
In the middle of the clearing stood a single, thick tree. It stood tall, towering over everything else. I ambled over and placed my hand on the rough, warm trunk. I rubbed my fingers across the bark, forcing flakes to peel off and plummet to the ground.
“Hey, what are you doing to our tree?!” I pulled back my fingers and held my breath. Then I whipped around, coming face-to-face with nothing. I blinked a few times, confused.
“Hello?” I called out. My voice was followed by dead silence. I turned back to the tree and started taking a step forward, but stopped myself short. On the other side of the tree arose a whispered conversation.
“But Sparx,” she could help us. We need help before it’s too late.”
“I know Angel, but we can’t trust a human. It’s against our morals.”
“I can hear you guys, so you may as well come out now!” I yelled. I peered around the trunk but saw nothing.
“Can you help us human?” a voice called from above. I glanced up but still saw nothing. Something brushed against my cheek, making me jump.
“A wolf hurt his foot. Our friend was just trying to help, but she got caught in the bushes.”
“Look at the tree human.” I gulped and turned, noticing a small light in a hole found in the trunk. I looked inside and was met by a girl’s face. I took a step backwards, stumbling over a tree root. An orange ball of light darted out after me.
“Are you okay?” the miniature girl asked. She got up next to my face and I noticed wings connected to her back. I blinked a few times, hoping this creature would disappear.
“What are you?” I asked, my throat tightening.
“We’re faeries.” A green ball flew up and sat next to the girl. This one was a boy, and he seemed agitated.

(So yes, I'm sure there are errors, I didn't care to check. Please tell me whether you like it and give feedback. Thanks! :) )
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