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Imagine the beauty of nature...
Silver clouds fluff in azure sky,
Thousand gulls flock for a flight.
Silken lake like blanket laid
A nature's mirror, glowing bright.

Dancing river at my sight,
On its blue basin, rests a lily white
Its blossoms gleam, its leaves so green,
On vibrant days, it shows its sheen.

Dandelions float on drifting wind
Below mountains, o'er streams.
So light and free, as free as it seemed,
And no one knows to where it destined.

As the wind whirls its blow,
Withered leaves gyrate down the meadow.
Blue daffodils make sound so mellow,
And sway and dance as the wind pass through.

Narrow river ceaselessly flows,
Silent in depths, murmurs in shallows.
Gigantic trees are over my head,
Their emerald crowns are perfectly spread.

Look deep into nature's splendor
In just a glance, surely you'll adore.
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