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Is mother earth alive, and fighting for her life?
Mother Nature

         What is a being? The definition of a being is something that exists or has existence, having substance or nature, that is conscious or alive. A human being is a being that is human in nature, exists with a conscience, and is alive. Earth is in a state of being just by its existence. Is Mother Nature (Gaia) the consciousness of the earth? Doesn't she take care of the earth? Isn't the earth like a being, if it has consciousness, and is alive with life? I think the earth is a very highly evolved being. Take a look out into the universe, she is very advanced compared to her neighbors. The earth is so much different then anything else so far. She is a living organism, some microscopic, some of it whole systems. Like the ecosystem for example. Much of it so advanced we don't understand it all. It has been revealed that the whole creation, and earth is the mind (consciousness) of God, in action.

         Humans have abused her, raped her, made her our slave. She has nurtured us, protected us. How do we repay her? We bleed her (oil), we try to smother her (smog), choking her so she can't breathe. We poison her with chemicals. We cut off her hair (trees), and make bald spots. Rain forests, and all ancient forests, are the lungs, and breath of her. They keep us alive. We rip open her skin to take from her, leaving big sores.

         Do we love her, or are we trying to kill her? What kind of sick relationship is this? We have become a cancer on her body, eating her away not caring, or pretending to care. We kill off any species that is, or we feel that is in, competition with us for resources. When all they're trying to do is survive themselves, just looking for space to live on this mother earth. About ninety percent of all species of plants and animals are extinct now. Even entire tribes and cultures of human beings have been wiped out, perhaps because they were deemed not worthy or fit to survive. Maybe they were wiped out just for being in competition for resources, and the consciousness of a people was lost forever.

         Has mother nature started to fight back? It seems so with the flooding, earthquakes, tsunamis, tornadoes, and hurricanes of recent. Mother Nature being the organism that she is, acts like you when you become wounded. Wouldn't you wash your cuts out with water? Same thing when you get chemicals on your skin, you flush it off. She can't breathe with the smog and relentless heat. She will then start to get dizzy.and begin to wobble. Through the summer of 2012, you will see this wobble as the planet Venus does a clockwise loop over the constellation Orion's head. She is getting really sick, and gets a fever from the constant bombardment of ultraviolet and gamma rays, because of weakened ozone. As she gets sicker she will begin to shake from the fever, like cold sweat shivers (earthquakes). The strong winds (hurricanes and tornadoes) are trying to cool her down. Sores will begin erupting on her body (volcanoes). Between the fever, sores, and the open wounds, her body will become all scabby, crusty, and brown. As she gets very sick, the sores begin to ooze pus, turning the oceans a yellowish putrid color. Humankind has been a cancer on her body. Like fighting cancer you have to destroy it before it destroys you. Either the cancer dies, or the host dies. The battle has begun, and Mother Nature is out to win for her own survival. She must. If she loses, we lose anyway. I have to be on her side.

         Time is short and we must act now!

          If not, there will be one last violent shake. A shake so strong that it will shake loose the crust, knocking all the scabs, and sores off of her. Then there will be a renewal. She will be well again. The forests will return, the seas will be pure, and blue. The skies will be clear, the air fresh and clean again. The Cancer will have been removed from the earth, and new life will be started all over. Maybe the next intelligent life that evolves (or is created) may be more intelligent then we were. Taking care of her, and nurturing her. Loving her like a true mother deserves to be loved.

Thomas Seeker
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