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I am a Sensory Camera
One of the two assignments requires the students to simply observe the environmental sensory information from a distance and record what is seen, smelled, heard, etc. without including the personal opinions and suppositions from the personality 'behind the camera.' This is much tougher than it appears since as humans we normally make assumptions and form opinions on everything we encounter in the external environment.

This week we are highlighting Joel and his submission for the observational sensory camera exercise. Joel successfully removed himself from the scene and recorded all the applicable sensory events and material occurring all around him without offering his personal interpretations. As a result his submission morphed into poetic nonfiction and the sensory details he allowed to take precedence over his personal interpretations give the piece its heft. Well done Joel on following the directions and sharing this fine piece with the student body.

On the threshold of a storm.

Gray skies.
Tree branches waving.
A black bird frantically beating it's wings.
Darkened windows of brightly colored homes.
Carefully manicured lawns.
Neglected weed infested lawns.
Ever increasing wind gusts.
Forty foot elm trees sway in the breeze.
A kid in a red shirt rides by on a bike.
Chain saw reving engine.
Rain begins to hit the ground.
Distant thunder.
Tires roll through the streets.
Light traffic going east and west.
Stomach grumbles.
Spoken words.
A black cat, with a red collar, is on the prowl.
A gust of wind makes the elm's branch creak.
Puddles forming on the street.
The heavy smell of rain.
A solid oak door closing.
Savory soup.
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