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Megan and Jennifer look forward to the next ball.
Megan blushed. "Hi. What are you doing back here?"

"I told Bill I would drop off some tools that he wanted to borrow."

Just then Jasper came up to Miles and Miles picked him up and Jasper tried to chew on his shirt. "He sure is cute." Miles looked over at Jennifer and said "Hello."

"Hello Miles. Is Bradley with you?"

"No. He sure is looking forward to taking you to the ball."

"I look forward to it, too." Jennifer smiled.

Miles put Jasper down and said to Megan: "So you never did say what a lady doesn't tell?" He kissed Megan's cheek.

"Like, I said a lady never tells. It's a secret and it's good. It is about you." Megan laughed. Miles loved everything about Megan

"I will leave it at that. I can't stay. Dad is feeling better and I have to go back and help him. I will see you tomorrow night." Miles kissed Megan and whispered "I love you" after the kiss. "I love you, too." Megan whispered back. Miles said "Good bye" to Jennifer and left.

"That was close. If he heard our conversation, he didn't act like it."

"No, he didn't. Miles would have asked to talk to me alone and I see how he is when he's hurt but he is as happy as a lark."

"You both are. I was that happy, too when I was first with Bradley." Jennifer looked so down.

Megan put Jasper back in his pen. He was a cute, feisty goat.

Megan and Jennifer went back into the house and they helped Vicki work on a quilt. Jennifer was quiet.

"I used to help my mother make quilts in Pennsylvania." Vicki loved doing projects.

"You love to cook. Since I have been here, all I have done is made friends with Jane Austen, hang out with gysies, ride horses, go to the balls and be with Miles." Megan's eyes twinkled.

"Nothing wrong with that. You and Jennifer are having an adventure. I am settled and I can live here with Bill and I have my friends, so life is good."

Vicki went to the oven to take out the cherry pie she had made.

"I hate seeing you like this." Megan said to Jennifer.

"I will be alright. At the ball, I won't have a care in the world." Jennifer put some more squares on the quilt.

Vicki came back and the ladies continued working on the quilt. It was getting late and they had chicken, mashed potatoes, cooked carrots and rolls for supper. Jennifer laughed thinking about when she and Megan worked midnights and Jennifer's carrots always blew up and made a mess in the microwave at work. Megan, Vicki and Bill laughed, too. Megan was happy to see Jennifer laugh.

It was getting late and everyone went to bed. Jennifer kept dreaming of Calin. Megan dreamed of Miles and then she dreamed of Captain Jack Sparrow and she was sailiing on the sea with him. He definitely looked like Manolito. Megan woke up late the next morning. Nine'o'clock. She hadn't slept that late since she arrived in this time era. Jennifer was knocking on the door. "Hey! Are you alive? Wake up!"

"Crap!" Megan knew if she didn't get up, Jennifer would haul her out of bed. "Just a minute. I will be up."

Megan put on a light pink dress with flowers. She would get ready for the ball later of course.

Megan was up and came downstairs. Vicki made her some eggs and bacon.

"You slept in late. Too busy dreaming of Miles?" Jennifer asked.

"At first until I was kidnapped by Captain Jack and we sailed the seven seas. You guessed it. Now, I am thinking of Manolito."

"You are in the same boat I am in." Jennifer said.

"No. Ship. I was on the Black Pearl."

"Okay. Ship. Shall we sing sea chantys?"

"Like: What Do You Do With A Drunken Sailor?" Megan laughed.

The clock chimed ten times. Megan finished eating and went out to see Jasper. He was cute. She kissed his nose. Jennifer went to the pond to fetch some water. Just then Megan heard Jennifer yell. Megan put Jasper back in his pen. She left the barn and turned to the pond to see that Jennifer had fallen in the water. Megan went to the pond and Bill was pulling Jennifer out of the water.

"What happened?" Megan asked.

"A fox ran by me and he tripped me and I fell in the water."

"A fox?" Bill asked.

"A fox tripped you?" Megan laughed.

"It isn't funny! That fox did it on purpose!" Jennifer wasn't happy.

"Okay. I believe you. A fox?" Megan laughed again.

"Are you alright?" Bill asked.

"I am fine. Thanks, Bill." Jennifer was grateful to Bill but she wanted to slap Megan. The next time Megan overslept, she would haul her butt out of bed.

Bill left and Megan looked at Jennifer.

"I swear that fox was Calin. The look on that fox's face."

"You think Calin is a shape shifter?"

"Megan we are in the past, have met Jane Austen, vampires and a werewolf so why does Calin being a shape shifter sound weird?"

"I am sorry. You may be right but I am sure Calin is with the gypsies. If that fox was him, he would want you to pet him and love him."

"I suppose you are alright and I would have petted him in more ways then one."

Megan and Jennifer headed back to the house. Vicki had made potoato soup, rolls and chocolate cake. They sit down to eat.

"Are you alright, Dear? I heard a fox tripped you and you fell in the pond."

"Yes. He was running and ran right into me. Stupid fox." Jennifer ate another roll.

"I am glad you are alright." Vicki poured some more tea for Jennifer.

After lunch, Megan went upstairs to choose a dress for the ball. She picked out a purple and lavender one with bows and pearls. Miles had bought her this one. Miles. She loved Miles but she was thinking of Manolito, too. Megan pretended to dance. She closed her eyes and thought about what it would be like to dance with a pirate. Jennifer walked in and Megan jumped.

"I knocked but I guess you didn't hear me. Practicing for the ball, Cinderella?"

"You could say that. I didn't hear you knock. What's up?"

"What if Calin does something weird for the ball tonight?"

"He is in Wales or Scotland with the other gypsies. You talk about me worrying. Trust me. This will be a quiet ball. We are going to have fun."

"I hope so." Jennifer laid on Megan's bed.

"Have you got your dress picked out?"

"I am wearing the new blue one that Bradley got me. It has lace on it. I am also wearing pearls. Bradley bought me those, too. That man would buy me anything."

"Calin would steal anything for you. How romantic."

"Megan, that isn't fair. I could turn Calin into a descent man who earns his money."

"I am sure you could. You need to decide. Cinderella world or be a gypsy peasant."

"Thanks. You paint a pretty picture and not so pretty picture."

"You can't have both worlds. Right now, we will think about tonight."

"Hey! I think I am mad at you about calling me Scarlet O'Hara and wanting me to dance with those soldiers. I hate red coat uniforms." Jennifer made a face.

"Maybe there will be Navy men in blue. There is no Air Force in this time. Navy men could be interesting."

"True. I will be with Bradley so I don't care if these military men are naked."

"Yeah, right. You would notice rhem then. I guarantee it." Megan laughed.

"Men wear clothes in public in our time, too so there won't be any naked men there. Too bad."

Megan threw a pillow at Jennifer.

Megan and Jennifer were bored and Megan went back outside to check on Jasper. She gave him so hay and he was content. Jennifer helped Vicki work on the quilt some more.

It was four'o'clock and Megan put on her dress and fixed her hair. She wore it down. She liked that look. Jennifer wore hers up. Megan was all dressed in her purple and lavender dress and Jennifer was all dressed in her blue dress. Vicki wore a yellow dress and Bill wore a nice suit. The ball was going to be fun.

Before they knew it, the clock chimed five times. Bradley and Miles arrived. Bradley looked handsome in a black suit and he kissed Jennifer. "You look so beautiful."

"You look handsome." Jennifer loved him but she knew that she would break his heart someday.

"You look beautiful, my Darling." Miles told Megan. Megan smiled. Her heart melted. Without thinking, Megan told Miles that he looked sexy.

"What?" Miles blushed and Jennifer laughed. Bradley looked puzzled. bill laughed so harde that he almost fell on the floor.

"It means handsome and I love you?" Megan fumbled for words.

"Alright. Shall we go to the ball?" Miles asked and he took a hold of Megan's arm.

Bradley and Miles got the ladies in the carriage and Bradley tapped on the ceiling of the carriage and the carriage took off. They were riding in Bradley's white enclosed carriage. It was still light but it would take forty five minutes to get to the Finleys. There was no rain and it was nice.

Miles and Bradley discussed business. Megan and Jennifer looked out the window.

"Megan, there is that fox again!"

"It probably isn't the same one." Megan said.

"Fox? Did I miss something?" Bradley asked.

"A fox ran into me at the pond today and I fell in the water." Jennifer was embarrassed when she said it.

"Were you hurt or anything?" Bradley showed concerned.


"I heard the Finleys will have soldiers at the ball." Miles said.

"I heard that, too. I am glad we have dates so we don't have to lose any dances to them." Bradley frowned.

Jennifer thought. SHE HAD BETTER NOT DANCE WITH ANY OF THE MEN IN UNIFORM. Maybe Bradley wasn't faultless. He sounded jealous and insecure. Like he had anything to be insecure of. He would when Jennifer broke up with him. Jennifer looked out the window and the men talked about business. Boring. When they got to the ball, they wouldn't be. Jennifer loved going to the balls. Maybe she should stay with Bradley. She would worry about that tomorrow. She was going to enjoy the ball tonight.

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