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Megan and Jennifer are at the Finley's Ball.
Jennifer and Megan looked at the beautiful scenery. England was so green and the woods were so pretty. Jennifer and Megan didn't talk the rest of the trip. The men were talking so Jennifer took a nap. Megan hoped that Jennifer didn't wake up saying Calin's name. Before they knew it, they arrived at the Finley's house. The Finley's house looked like the house of Jane Austen's novel EMMA. It was three stories and quite fancy. This must have been the inspiration for Jane's novel EMMA. The carriage stopped and Bradley and Miles helped Megan and Jennifer out of the carriage. Jennifer whispered: "Emma." Megan agreed.

Bradley took Jennifer's arm and Miles took a hold of Megan's arm and walked into the Finley house. Bradley introduced Jennifer to the Finley's and Miles introduced Megan. Mrs. Finley had red hair and her husband had dark hair and an Irish accent.

Jane and her family had just arrived. Jane was wearing a navy blue dress and she looked lovely. Cassandra was wearing a pink dress and Megan and Jennifer hugged Jane and Cassandra.

"You look lovely, Jane. You, too Cassandra." Megan said.

"Thanks. Father isn't happy about it but he let Cassandra and I wear nice colors. I won't feel like a wall flower." Jane looked cheerful.

Miles kissed Jane's cheek and shook Cassandra's hand. Bradley did the same. Mr. Austen greeted everyone and he even told Megan and Jennifer that it was nice to see them.

"Do you still have that orny goat?" Mr. Austen asked.

"Yes, I do. Jasper is a sweet goat, really." Megan smiled.

"Hello, Dear." Mrs. Austen hugged Megan and Jennifer. She said "Hello" to Miles and Bradley.

"Mrs. Austen, let's greet other people." To Megan and Jennifer, he said: "I trust this will be a nice dance with no goats and saving a person by climbing on top of him."

"No sir. We plan on dancing and having a quiet time." Megan bowed.

Jennifer laughed and Mr. Austen and his wife walked away.

"What a crap head! I don't miss living at his house. He must be a boring lover." Megan laughed. Miles and Bradley heard Jennifer and they laughed, too.

Bradley whispered to Jennifer: "I trust you don't mean me, too."

"Of course not. You aren't a stuffed shirt." Jennifer would miss everything about Bradley someday.

There were the soldiers, about twenty of them in their red uniforms. There were also fifteen navy men in blue uniforms. Jennifer looked at them but she was more concerned about how a black haired woman was looking at Bradley. She wasn't ready to hand him over, yet.

Jane looked at the men in uniform and a nice looking man in a red uniform with brown hair and dark eyes asked Jane to dance. That navy blue dress bought out Jane's best features.

"Would you like to dance? Miles asked Megan.

"I would love to." Megan smiled.

Megan and Miles went out on the dance floor. It was a dance where she and Miles could hold each other. Megan liked that. Other women noticed Miles. TOO BAD. HE'S MINE THOUGHT MEGAN.

Bradley and Jennifer danced, too.

Vicki and Bill had just arrived. Megan waved. They waved back. Bill and Vicki danced as well. Before they knew it, that dance was over. The soldier thanked Jane and said he would dance with her again later.

Vicki walked over to Megan and Jennifer and Bradley and Miles went to get some punch for the women.

"I see Navy men are here, too. I see Jane was dancing with a soldier in red. She looks pretty." Vicki would never say an unkind word about anyone.

"Jane does. I hope Jane enjoys herself. Mr. Austen is an old stuffed shirt and Jennifer said he was a crap head." Megan laughed. Vicki and Bill were laughing, too.

"He is .I am glad Jane and Cassandra got nice colorful dresses." Jennifer still didn't like how the black haired girl kept looking at Bradley. Megan hoped the black haired girl wouldn't get a punch bath like the blonde.

Miles and Bradley came back with the punch. Jennifer took a drink. She asked Bradley if he knew the black haired woman.

"Yes, I know her. She is Nina LaCrosse. Her father and I do business together. She had a crush on me but she is bossy, spoiled and rude. You know, I think I will have to ask the soldiers to dance with her. If you will excuse me." Bradley walked over to the soldiers to talk to them. When the next dance started, one of the soldiers was dancing with Nina.

Bradley and Jennifer danced and so did Megan and Miles. Cassandra was dancing with a naval officer and Jane danced with a navy man this time.

After the next dance, Mr. and Mrs. Dawson had arrived. They came over to Megan and Miles. Mrs. Dawson hugged Megan.

"You look lovely, Dear." Mrs. Dawson smiled.

"So do you, Mrs. Dawson." Mrs. Dawson was wearing a light pink dress and she did look nice.

"We hope you will be staying with us again soon."

"I would love to, Mrs. Dawson."

Mr. Dawson kissed Megan's hand. "Nice to see you again."

"How are you feeling, Sir?" Megan asked.

"I am as fit as a fiddle. Would you like to dance with an old man?" He asked.

Megan looked at Miles and he smiled. Megan went and danced with Mr. Dawson. He was a good dancer. Nina was out dancing with other soldiers. Jennifer had an evil smile. Megan laughed.

After the dance, Mr. Dawson thanked Megan and returned to Mrs. Dawson. A Navy man asked Jennifer to dance and she looked at Bradley.

Bradley told the man he was allowed one dance with her. Jennifer went out on the dance floor with the Navy man. Another Navy man asked Megan to dance. Miles told the man he was allowed one dance with her. He was a good looking blonde man. He introduced himself as Captain Nathanel Lasword. Megan was dancing with him. Jennifer's Navy man was Colonel Michael Worthington. Jennifer liked how he danced.

The dance was over. Jane was hanging out with a man in a red uniform. He was the same one she danced with earlier.

Jennifer told Bradley she needed a cigarette and they went outside to smoke.

Miles and Megan sat on a hummingbird pattern love seat. They held hands and he stoled a quick kiss. Megan loved Miles. She wanted to hug him and kiss him passionately but this wasn't allowed so openly in this time period. They weren't holding hands anymore, either.

The band played another song and Miles and Megan danced again. A man in a red uniform asked if he could cut in and Megan thanked him but told him no.

Megan and Miles danced two more dances and Bradley and Jennifer had come back in. They danced and everyone was having a good time. After the dance, Nila came up to Bradley.

"You haven't asked me to dance, yet Bradley." She fluttered her big eyes at him.

"You have plenty of men to dance with, Miss LaCrosse."

"They aren't you." She purred.

"Miss LaCrosse, have you had a punch bath tonight?" Jennifer asked.

"What?" Nina asked.

"If you don't leave Bradley alone, you will be wearing a glass of punch!" Jennifer was ready to fight.

"Why! I never! Meet me outside and I will scratch your eyes out!" Nila yelled.

"Let's go!" Jennifer said. Bradley pulled Jennifer back.

"Miss LaCrosse, I think you had better go." Bradley was hanging on to a fuming Jennifer.

Nina left and started to flaunt herself at the soldiers.

Megan laughed. Bradley let go of Jennifer and she calmed down. He left to get Jennifer some more punch.

"I thought you were ready to end it with him." Megan whispered.

"Not yet. He is mine and I am going to keep him for now." Jennifer kept her voice down.

Miles was talking to his parents. Bradley came back with Jennifer's punch and she drank it. Jane came over.

"Hey, Jane. Are you having a good time?" Megan asked.

Jane beamed. "I have been dancing with Sergeant Randall Holmes. I promised to dance with two other soldiers but Mr. Holmes has requested to be my dance partner. I like that."

"Good for you. Here's to Jane." Jennifer lifted her glass of punch to Jane.

Mr. Austen and his wife were dancing. Mr. Austen could dance. Just then Mr. Trumble walked by. He stopped.

"Miss Megan, Miss Jennifer, thank you again for saving my life. I feel great and I won't pass out again. I only danced to two dances and I don't want to push my luck."

Megan smiled. "I am glad to see you are doing well."

"Thank you again. I will be on my way." Mr. Trumble bumped into a Navy officer carrying punch and he spilled it all over himself. He swore and the term swear like a sailor seemed fitting. Megan and Jennifer laughed. Jane blushed but she laughed, too.

Miles asked Megan to dance and they danced rather close but Megan didn't care. Maybe she should do him on the dance floor. Jennifer and Bradley danced, too. Nila was dancing with all tnhe soldiers and one groped her. Megan's father was in the Air Force and she knew some GI'S and the military men would never change.

Jane danced with her soldier Mr. Holmes. She looked so happy.

A Navy officer asked Jennifer if he could cut in and Bradley stepped aside. He told Jennifer he had some business to discuss with a client. Jennifer wasn't happy but she danced with the man.

Before they knew it, it was getting late. Bradley danced with a blonde{not the same blonde as at the last ball}. Jennifer was mad. Megan was surprised. Miles told Jennifer that she was Sapphire Langford and Bradley was trying to get her father do business with him. To seal the deal, Bradley had to dance with her. Jennifer didn't care. She went and asked a Navy man to dance. Megan and Miles danced but Bradley was mad. What was going to happen?

The dance ended and Bradley dragged Jennifer away from the soldier and they went outside.

"Let go of my arm!" Jennifer yelled.

They were behind the barn.

"I am not hurting you. I was dancing with Sapphire because I got her father to do business with me. He is a hard man to do business with and we sealed the deal when I danced with his daughter. I am sorry you were hurt but this is business and you danced with that Navy man to get back at me. I love you. I truly do but you can't behave like a little spolied brat. You have a gypsy man that is hot for you and I have tried to deal with that and I got rid of Nina and you were ready to beat her up. Jenny, I have no other woman and I only want you but I am not going to baby you. I am not going to back down like a hurt puppy. Sapphire was a business deal and you danced with two soldiers and the last guy you danced with because you were jealous. I have asked you to marry me or live with me. The offer still stands. I won't cheat on you. I hope you will do me the same honor. I can only deal with so much of your temper tantrums. Right now, I would like to spank you and then make love to you. Are you going to trust me and contriol your temper?"

"I love you, I do. You have had enough of my crap? I guess you were being too nice and giving in to me butI am not going to let you rule me. That crap won't cut it. Let's get that straight."

"I don't want to rule you. I want us to have fun, go on picnics, make love, be best friends and not fight. Do you think we can do that?" Bradley asked.

"Yes, we can. I am done being mad. Can you take me home?" Jennifer asked.

"I will take you home. Will you snuggle with me all the way home?

"I will." Jennifer saw another side of Bradley. She liked this side. She did love him but she couldn't forget about Calin. He was out of her mind for now. Bradley and Jennifer hugged and kissed. Jennifer was happy with him for the moment.

Megan and Miles were outside, too and they were kissing behind the chicken coop. Isn't love beautiful?

Beautiful Poser of Jane Austen by best friend Angel.
Another beautiful Poser of Jane Austen and I by best friend Angel.
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