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A young employee catches her dad redhanded with her supervisor.
I took my first step into adulthood.
"I can really make some tasty baked goods."
I bragged as I was assessed for the job at Dairy Queen.
Hoping she'd be impressed since I was only fifteen.

She smiled at me and leaned forward,
"We are happy to have you on board."
I shook her hand with much excitement.
In the car, I told my dad all about that moment.

"Let's keep this a secret," he said with a quick shout.
"It'll be fun to see how long it takes mom to figure it out."
Disappointed but agreed, I kept my mouth shut.
Keeping the secret from mom left me feeling guilty only somewhat.

My mom never found out, and dad kept it that way.
But what I saw , as dad dropped me off, on that Tuesday.
Destroyed any and all respect I had for him, as well as my supervisor.
As I saw them leave together, I was consummed with anger.

Distracted and confused, my service wasn't great.
But with no supervisor around to mandate
I passed my work on, and I stood outside to wait.
To wait to see him drop her off from their date.

They never saw me standing against the wall.
I saw him kiss her lips. In his arms, my boss was enthralled.
In a rage I pulled opened the passenger side.
I grabbed her hair and yanked her out, ignoring her chide.

I threw my apron at her as she laid on the cement.
I sat down in her space as my dad tried to repent.
"Go home," I exploded. "I want to tell mom about my job."
He begged and pleaded I didn't. I ignored his sob.

Now, a babysitter for my new neighbors,
It's just me and mom here on two acres.
I think I will cherish my girlhood
A little longer before going into adulthood.
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