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Libertarian Philosophy.
                                          Everybody for themselves

        I wake up to the WAVE 96.9. What is this Fox talk? No matter what
    chat show is on it's all about Republican or Libertarian isolationism.
    Don Imus is the most neutral and that's pretty messed up. He has an
    outlook a little to the right of Genghis Khan. What an A-hole. Can you
    picture this troll boinking his wife? Gross! That's my knee jerk commie
    reaction to the Don. The Don was talking about legalizing cocaine.
    Back in the day, Coca~Cola was made with cocaine. The soda became
    the number one pop in the country. Here is the problem; cocaine is very
    addictiive; more addictive than smoking or alcohol.

        Look at Sweden. They legalized cocaine and are overrun with
    drug addicts. It's a big health issue. Back in the day everything was
    centralized. That way you could have one phone company and postal
    service and effective law enforcement. Communism is the regulation of
    resources and business. Any kind of federal government does this.
    Why do you think the banks are failing? Why do they need a federal
    bailout? Simply put if the businesses are not regulated, they will undermine
    our government and sell us out. So, Don Imus was a coke head.
    Naturally, he thinks cocaine is unhealthy. But, he wants the market place
    to decide what use can be made of cocaine.  So, why not put cocaine
    back in Coca~Cola? Well, it's poison and kids drink it.

        "Have a Coke and a heart attack." You may ask yourself, "Why should
    I care if someone is overdosing?" What if they're flying the plane your on?
    Recently, a doped out naked man drove his dump truck into my neighbor's
    home. My neighbor was home with his young son. The doped up naked man
    attacked him. Fortunately, he and his son escaped unharmed. Drug addicts
    will eventually kill themselves, but they can also endanger the public.
    What I like best about communism is its concern for the welfare of all its
    citizens. Any society must have a common goal and common interest in
    all of its citizens or it breaks up into private mercenaries. Where is the
    industrial base of this once great country? They have left for cheaper labor.
    They are not patriots. They are traitors.

        A corporation's goal is to make a profit. If they can do this by enslaving
    their workers and betraying their mother land, why wouldn't they?
    I'm certain Don Imus is wealthy enough to hide from the world no matter
    what kind of Hell it becomes. But, most people can't. They must unite and
    become socially active. And whatever you call it; socialism, democracy,
    it all stems from communism: one people, one country.


    Nap time.

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