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An online novel about art.
A humble introduction to he or she that is reading my online novel.I humbly and sincerely thank you all for spending your time reading my little piece of thought about art and various philosophies.I hope that you will indeed be pleased with my opinions and the way i think about this amazing and yet mysterious universe that we are living in.Forgive me and feel free to correct me if i have grammar mistakes or typing error because I'm only 16 years old (2011) and my academic level might be low.But please,feel free to enjoy this soothing piece of literature,artwork.My name is Liew Z\hi Yan,I'm from Malaysia.I am a boy.E-mail-aureonubeso@hotmail.com , Or Liew Zhi Yan @facebook.

Flower or fruit.Sunny or dimmy.Education and misleadingness.Mind and body.Life and death.Lessons and philosophies.Everything is inspiration.Inspiration is needed for everything that we need to do,that we have to do,tat we want to do.Inspiration starts everything.Including interest.Including achievements.Including....everything.

Inspiration is everything.

I am young and my soul is active and hungry for knowledge,friendship,love and of course,the beauty of artwork.You may be starting to think that its rather rare for a regular teen to have an interest for artwork,and yes,it is true.A huge part of teens all around the world finds other fields and branches more interesting than art.But I ,couldn't and failed to end or kill my interest in art,because I never regretted putting my interest into this magical field.Instead,art is my life.Love it.

What inspired me about art?Description may be complex.But lets just go back to 8 years before the year 2011.I was 8 years old and i was in standard two,a weak and feeble little boy,not physically,but mentally.I was weak because I had a very vulnerable mind ,and immature style of thinking and absolute no interest for knowledge.I lived to play.

Things changed fast.

I gradually and immediately knew that i was wrong when I caught a glimpse of nothing but dissapointment in the eyes of my teacher.It felt bad.It stings fast and I healed slow. I started to think.Why?Because I was wrong.Why? Because I wasn't being good.Why?Because I did not perform well and am not being responsible as a student.I did not learn.I did not to take the first step :to accept.

Accepting knowledge that really bores a hole in me is really hard even as a Standard Two student .Determination and hardworkingness barely saved me by letting me obtain a satisfying academic result and a slight smile on my teacher's face.But I still don't get it.Knowledge?What is it?Why do I need it?Like a really dumb person (with a dumb question),different from other kids,I have no interest in learning in the first place.It felt horrible.Its like you're different.In a bad way.

Crying and pissing won't work.To improve,I've tried various ways like reading until midnight,talking to friends about this 'knowledge' thingy,visitting the library ,but all proved FUTILE.I lost my meaning of life for a while.And I ate to live,live to eat.

As the merciless storm of depression hammered its violent thunders to the bald skin of my head,I felt weak and my legs wobbled and wibbled,afraid that I wouldn't be able to continue walking this path of life.But hell no,God wouldn't let me go like this.SUDDENLY!I saw aflash of light! So bright,that my legs stood straight,no longer weak,and walk towards that light,my eyes anxious to acknowledge what is that beam that caught my attention,ignoring that storm on my head.

Nevertheless,it was ART.And it is until now.I admired its beauty,just for a moment,and at that very moment,I understood it well.It wasn't just ink and paper,colours and shapes,shades or structures,Then,without a shadow of doubt or hessitation,with the bravery that I never felt before,that I've never thought I possessed,I drew my sword and with the might of a thousand men ,stabbed and pierced the stone of artwith it,and never drew it out.The stone of art is with my sword,and the sword is with me,within my strong grasp of my palms.The sword is in the stone, and it will remain. This is the connection between me and art.

Since then,I see life with a positive attitude.I never moan about how hard it is to be in school.Because art lessons are so great,although may be uninteresting to other individuals.I enjoyed every lesson silently and gladly drew every piece of artwork.It wasn't really fascinating,but I had the love in the art,so the grades doesn't even matter to me.After completing an artwork,I would automatically be unsatisfied with it because I order not perfection,but the suitable shape of art that perfectly bind to the mould of my soul,After re-doing the artwork for at least 3 times.I would always ,always be happy and (not very) satisfied.

Okay.As you can see,art saved my life.Art did inspired me to continue moving forward and keep exploring this vast universe.I began to see this world as a big and beautiful place.

Other than saving myself from dullness,art lets me see ,or should I say feel the beauty of things.I find normal objects interesting and insciptive,my imagination pumped up and started to work,and I always tended to draw the object down.And repeat that drawing afterwards.And should I remind you readers:Admiring isn't enough.Try and start drawing.

One very important thing about art :it is a medium for information exchange.Indeed,it is the FIRST medium for information exchange!Why?Two words:cave drawings.Enough said.

Lastly,art is soothing for the senses.When you're stressed out and felling really tensed,stop hitting the club or drinking.Try drawing instead.As a matter of fact draw your fellings out.It is a better way than going to the club with friends,complaining about your busy life while drinking,then end up having a bar fight and going home drunken,greeting your beloved families with a slap in the face.This is an advice from a 16 year old little boy to you readers about how to express your feelings and lower your tension.

Alas,art is there for you.Believe this and let there be light and hopes in your honourable lives.Chapter 2 coming up next month.Best wishes.
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