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My first story.
The bell rang and Jennie ran to the bus but bumped into her crush, Mike.
“Oops sorry” said Jennie
“No problem" said Mike.
Phew she thought as she hopped on the bus.
"Mum I’m home” said Jennie as she opened the door.
She looked at the clock and realized her mum was still at work, but where’s Lola!?
I run to the Carpet Cleaners where my mum works and asked if she knew. “No sorry darl, go check the park".
"Ok" I said.
I run to the park and see a cat that looks like Lola but it isn’t. Just then I see Lola and say “come here Lola”.
“Meow” said Lola as she ran to me. It started raining and I was lost, Lola was crying “it’s ok Lola” I say in a whispering voice. Just then it stops raining and a huge rainbow appears and I follow it home. As I walk in Lola jumps out of my arms and into her bed and mum comes home from work and we have dinner and go to bed. That night I have a dream that Lola ran away forever.
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