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My take on life and its complexities.
All I see before my eyes is one blank page calling out to me in desperation, just as I see myself in this enormous world. Finding yourself, why is it so hard? What is it about life that is so complicated or why do people make life so complicated by adding their knowledge and theories into every action that happens, why cant we just let things be the way they are? Why does everything need have to have a logical explanation? Cant an apple fall from a tree simply because it did or does the term “gravitation” have to be involved? Why doesn’t the world make sense yet? What is so different about me or as everyone politely puts it as “unique”. Why is transparent a color when we cant even see it or feel it or even touch it. Coming back to simpler things like this essay, why is writing a simple 500 word essay so hard for me?

It is these little things in life that perplex us to such an extent that we get lost in the everyday rush, in the loophole of destiny and in the words of an essay. These questions are what stop me after every word I say, the fact that I actually think about this is what makes me feel so vulnerable. I don’t believe in god, angels, spirits or demons, is that what makes me so different from the rest of the world?

Taking a simple example of optical illusions, why is it that when we look at one we only see what the paper wants us to and not what we want to? Is it simply because we are reluctant to see the bad and negative side of life? “LIFE”, this word, why is it so important? What does it mean, to normal people, to me?

Why do we do what we do? What determines our actions, what decides our destiny? This is a mystery to us all, but how many of us really look for answers? The simple reason may be that every time we try to find the answers, life changes the questions.

We're judged by anyone and everyone and sometimes they're right and sometimes they're wrong, but at the end of the day, who are we? Are we more than just an example of daily existence or are we simply mortals looking for our place in the world that we'll never find?

As we walk down the road to success, we lose ourselves and our companions on the way, and what’s worse, sometimes we lose our destination.

All we can ever do is live, and let live and try not to get lost in this maze that we call life.
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