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    Okay. First thing you need to buy is a camera and a pen and note pad.
    Now, go out and find someone to study. Write down their routine and
    take pictures of your subject. Record everything about them and their
    associates. Get an interview with the subject and ask personal question
    from your research material. If you can't get an interview with the subject,
    write your story on unnamed sources and include your candid photos of

    You can sell your story as an unauthorized biography. Bronson Pinchot
    can do the audio narration.

    Example: My hot tub love with Angelina Jolie.
                    A totally unsubstantiated story.

    Chapter One

                  I first met Angelina Jolie at down town Portsmouth, NH.
    She was as beautiful in person as in her retouched movies. Mrs. Jolie
    was shopping at the Bull Moose for a used CD of the Eagles. I walked
    up next to her and asked her if she would like to see a movie. She declined.
    Her smile invited me to show her my internet photo of my goldfish.
    She laughed politely and asked if I would like to bath with her. I excepted.
    We shared a Massage and whirlpool bath. In the pulsating waters,
    Angelia showed me why every women wants to be her. She was an
    awesome lay. Afterwards, Mrs. Jolie shared with me her separation from
    Brad Pit. He was cheating on her with a gypsy girl: Z. She asked that I
    text naked photos of us to Brad. I did.
                  Unfortunately, I have lost the photos. And Angelina is denying
    any involvement with me. But, I have unnamed sources, who confirm my
    meeting with the sex superstar at the Bull Moose. I can also say that
    Mrs. Jolie has pierced her vaginal lip. How could I know that?

    As you can read you need no evidence to write a biography.
    So, go out into the streets and follow your next subject.
    If the police should stop you, just tell them your a journalist.
    Stocking is for tabloid paparazzi.

    Know your rights!

    Professor Muzzy.
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