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This is about alternative medicine, spiritualism, and mysticism.





                                                    EVIL AND KINDNESS

Evil doesn't exist.

Malintention can exist for a small amount of time,followed by repenting(sooner of later).

Kindness is the human natural state of Spirit(Consciousness).

Evil doesn't exist,but there are evil/wrong ways of 'proving' one's own 'self' ,something that is often the reflection of another person's brutality and one's own ignorance(malignance).

A normal person is kind.

Kindness,Khesed is=daylight=Godly Existence


Let's compare the first with the second.

Usually,it is accepted to think that a day consists of 24 hours(round the clock).

Well, if you pay attention.you'll see that out of these 24 hours we have normally 16 hours of light and only 8 hours of mere darkness).

I say mere darkness, because today people have made the achievement of inventing different ways of enlighting their premises at home.This is electricity,fire.Therefore, in civilized countries even at night,there's a lot of light in the streets,unltil the sun shines.The sun which can pierce through the darkes night,but it is a gentleman enough to waut for it's turn to comeout.

People strive for light always,light of mind,light of consciousness,light of soul etc.But for that,they are using the wrong methods(wrong=evil)

of which they repent later on and which they shouldn't try to get rid of ,because They can simply forget about such ways.


Karma-exists NOT

In Sanskrit,this word means action.

In parapsychology,it is accepted to think that each person pays for his actions.

This is not true.We pay for our thoughts and we pay for our consciousness.

The person may act in this or that way depending on the surrounding circumstances,e.g.a very quiet person may do somethingnot acceptible for himself,if someone provokes him continuously.

Thus,before you put your finger into somebody's eye,blaming him for something foul he has done,look into yourself.

In other words,be responsible for yourself and the worle/people around you.

Firstly,remember that the convict is judged for his motives and not for the actions solely.

It is accepted to think that if a person is in a difficult situation,then he's paying for his karma.

Let's not mix up karma/action -consciousness with anything else.

There is no such thing as karma,

in the way people think of it.It is a sign of ignorance to say 'he's paying for the debts of his past life"

There's also no such thing as debts.

Maybe this person is in a difficult condition because of your mistakes towards him?People should learn to take a responsibility for their actions,themselves,and their intentions.Shouldn's they?

So do not hurry to judge-so you are not judged(not by human, but by GOD)

Don't judge my Angels(my People)

Don't be afraid of any situation.

Even the hardest seeming can be solved so easily.

There's nothing I can't do with 1 dollar, what I could do with 1 million dollars!

                                        FORGIVE HURT

When you forgive hurt it's like when a new super computer deletes the viruses sent to it automatically.

Now he is clean and clear!

                                            ABOUT ILLNESSES

Ill is considered to be anyone who feels discomfort /pain in this or that area of his body/organ.

Why is it that those you consider to be Mentally Ill are comfortable with their conditionand do not acknowledge Illness?


Why are they then different than the general mass of people?

Well, there can be different states of mind.

People can tune into different dimensions depending on different things.

Drugs,Alcohol,other things that get you off balance and transfers your vision onto another dimension can cause permanence of such state,thus making people around you wonder,'what has all over sudden happened,to my friend/relative?

Be PROTECTIVE to people close to you!



“Are people becoming evil with time?”

“No, they are becoming more self-cautious and apprehensive about life with time, lacking self-belief and Godly trust”

“Why are they finding it so hard to share with those who need it?”

“From the Fear to one day become like them”

“Why do they nevertheless, sometimes give to the beggars?”

“From the Fear to one day be like them…”

Such a sad picture of today’s reality appears under the headline Mercy and it’s not a coincidence. This is but the bitter reality of our today’s world. There are no wicked people in the world. There are people lacking satisfaction, often self-satisfaction, people who have an inner Fear for their future in general, which is why they practice self-centeredness, if I may say like this, and find it extremely hard to give forgetting that: ”BLESSED IS THE ONE THAT GIVES,AND NOT THE ONE WHICH TAKES”.

But,we’ll get back to this yet…


It is believed so that each one of us has it's etheral colour.something we call to be the aura of the person.Aura colours are the colours of our seven energo-wheels.The person's aura changes according to his state of mind mostly,as well as according to his mood.

Colours are believed to denote different qualitied the person possesses.If the colour is dirty or dim,it usually denotes the problems with the present energo-wheel(can be a physicall illness indicator or just some negativity of mind connected with the knowledges bound to that very energo-wheel).

In natire everything is entwined.


1.The colours of the energo-wheels

2.The colours of the rainbow

Energo wheel=The person

Rainbow=The nature






6.Light green

7.Purple/white(which emits all the colours of the rainbow

The chakras raise from bottom to top,like the natural growth of the human being.

Piano keys are also seven and they go like, do, re, mi, fa, sol, la,ti

The white keys denote the same energo-wheels,and black keys are the energo-wheels in action towards the past(bemol) or the future(diez).

Music has a healing quality.

Music CAN heal chakras and all illnesses!Each melody is based on certain keys,which touch the corresponding energo-wheel.I am sure you all have noticed that at different times your perceiving of this or that piece of music is different.

This depends on which key the music is based on and the state of your corresponding energo-wheel.

At one time, you may enjoy some melody,and it may have a healing effect on you,at other time the same melody may even annoy or bore you.

All of this depends on our state of mind.Illnesses depend on the same thing,unless they are artificially created(say'deliberate poisoning',passing on a infection etc.)

But even in this case you may defeat it,by turning your mind unto the necessary dimensio

So, if it's true that different people have different col,our auras according to their psychological makeup and state of mind(which makes their character partially),then why is it that 5 different people can assess the aura colour of one and the same person differently?

Does this mean that the concept of aura is not objective?No, of course, NOT!

However, being objective ,it is greatly relative just like everything else in this world.

Different people interprete one and the same person's aura,character etc.according to their own viewpoint.

But this has to be yet continued.


First of all,everybody knows EVERYTHING.But, nothing clings to one's mind after birth.There is a seal which is put on that information and wise are those people who can and know HOW to remove that seal in order to pull out the right kind of knowledge at the right instant.This can be done very easily if connected to the world of the Unconscious,deliberately or not.

For this you need to put away all daily worries,all that connects you to the outer world.You can NOT teach anything to someone,who does not want to learnthat,or is NOT interested in that subject.

For instance,my dad insisted on me going to the Faculty of Persian Phylology,knowlong very well that I didn't approve of that language at all.And, no matter how much I asked him not to send me there,I couldn't convince hin.As a result,I became a graduate of this Faculty with a very little knowledge of the Persian language and literature.

Why create bad professionals?

Everyone should learn what his motivation leads him into.

At different times,our likes and dislikes change too.

They take turns,just like tastes do.

For instance,you may not want to learn to play the piano at a little age(like myself),but at an elderly age it may occur so that you will be extremely capable of doing this.


Two years ago,I began composing piano music,without any lessons from a piano teacher,to the level that noone believes I didn't have a profound knowledge of it prior to doing it.

But knowledge can be introduced differently.

Knowledge appears in different ways.Look at the following picture of how knowledge is stored in one's consciousness.

Compare how vast the subconscious mind and how small the conscious mind is.The conscious mind is normally pre-programmed according to our daily tasks,according to our life surrounding world,according to what we banally see and hear around us.People are prone to imitating everything they see and hear,as well as experience.

On the one hand,this is good.

On the other hand,one also needs to find the key to his Individuality and the keys to the knowledge his Unconscious mind holds.

There are rules for this.

1.First of all,school has to give just a vast introduction to general subjects.

2.Throughout your kid's childhood,try to feel what he's mostly interested in(through educational games mostly)but you can do it with talks and so on and make sure yoru kid gets the chance to study it.

3.Never force your kid to learn something he doesn't want to .

He will never learn it anyway, plus he may hate you for it,for the reason it takes more time and efforts to learn something you don't like ,than what you like and negativity is involved.

These are three basic rules .

Now,you may come up with the question:"what if my kid is not interested in anything at all?"

Well,actually,it is not possible.But there are paretnts who do not have the necessary rapport with their own kids,and who see in their kids what THEY want to see and not what there is in reality.

Freedon of mind is also a very important factor.

I said a freedom of mind , not an anarchy of mind.

The difference between these two is that the freedom of mind enables us to get connected to the multitude of existing knowledges at the time necessary,and not put any efforts into it,whereas anarchy of mind helps us to mix all limitation of pre-programmed knowledges (often false)together and entangles our minds.

However,it's your choice to do as you find more reasonable for yourself.Either,limit your mind or set it free.

If you choose the latter,just remember that:' Our mind is like a feroucious lion,do not let it run wild'.

Hope you will be able to interprete the above mentioned phraze correctly and keep in your mind until our next meeting.


It was long ago when God Almighty decided to distribute languages.And the first one was Aramaic-the most beautiful language in the world.The language Jesus himself preached in.

Language is the most important way of communication for humans.Language is a great combination of sounds which in combination with each other form words that give an adequate meaning to this or that phenomenon.

Thus,learning a foreign language,one has to firstly pay attention to the adequacy of the usage of different words which have similar meaning,in order to explain this or that fact.

Appropriacy is very important,since similar words can also have different 'shades'.For example,in one case you may want to use the word laugh,in another chuckle,in one case it's smile,in another grin etc.

Different synonyms canalso give different meaning to what we want to say and leave a different impression on our audience.

Apart from the great variety of words,I would like to stress on the importance and usage of letters and sounds.A few of us know that different sounds are used in meditations as mantras and they have their own meanings.

Whatever comes to letters,in Kabbalah,the Ancient Hebrew letters are used to perform Kabbalistic magic and teh Ancient Scandinavian letters are used for reading Runes.

So, letters have their separate meaning too.

Words can heal and words can kill.So, please be careful about the words you choose to express your emotions to someone elsse,thinking about the aftereffect it will have on your audience.

To resume this,I would like to bring about one Indian saying which notes:




It was seven years ago, when one day suddenly I woke up at 6 am in the morning and switched the 6th channel of TV on. I don’t quite remember if it was me who intentionally pushed the button on the remote control or if it happened by inertion.

There they were, Mr. Bagirov with his Respectable spouse Laura Fusu, talking about their center and the courses they provided.

I had been looking for Teachers for a long time.

They’re doing kindness!

I was in their center the following Tuesday going through the First and the Second level of tuition.

- And I recognized THEM!

It was ages ago when you my dear Teachers, gave me your Book, in order for me to Interpret it and keep it in my heart, until…

Today, I am returning the same to you!



Numbers are infinite. Stars are infinite, and so there is no point in calculating them.

“Every man is a Star”, is meaning that every one of us is a bright individual with a vivid identity in this Universe.

There are nine numbers. There are nine Planets.

0- is the Infinite, the Universe and the natural State of Subconscious mind, which knows everything about everything.0 is wholeness.

One of my teachers said: “This girl is either 0 or 100”.I could not be 100 since there are no two 0s as there is just one Universe, and so I leave it up to you to decide.

1-Is the appearance of the man on Earth. The fact of man’s existence on Earth.

2-Is reunion and symbolizes marriage, but also merging and completion as such

3-Is the birth of child after conceiving, meaning the birth of a thought. “I am pregnant”-I once said to a student of mine. “You’re pregnant?”-He asked with surprise. “My mind has conceived, it is about to give birth to a thought” I answered.

We conceive in most different ways.

4-Is a change, or Death physical(the man goes through natural, obligatory changes being on Earth, otherwise Man dies physically since he rejects spiritual Growth which the natural, obligatory change suggests, since without the necessary Spiritual Growth, the physical (the Body)won’t last.

4=10 tell any Mathematician and he may be surprised.1+2+3+4=10=1(back to reality, physical existence)

10 consists of 1 physical reality entering 0 the Universe.4 is the change for the Physical existence, but a Definite Death for Soul

And so after the 3rd stage human enters 5 as quickly and easily as it is to turn the top of 3 to make it 5

5-Is completion, it’s the Man Complete, the Man with a head, two hands and two legs(Pentagram-‘Every Man is a Star”.)

The Man with a certain Spiritual achievement.

6-Is Man head down in Labor.

In other words, it is Man’s hard work on Earth. It’s of but HARD LABOUR.

666=18=9 Man’s Angelic Existence

7-Is the Final CREATION on Earth.

The Man’s achievement.

8-Is of Forgiveness. It’s the Man merging with His Karma (Man head down or up+0).It’s the Union of Pure Spirit with the Physical. It’s the Release of Karma. Forgiving oneself (one’s “self”)

9-Is of Angelic existence. This is the number of those rare souls, which have been able to go through the first 8 stages in their existence and keep their heads up.

We all go through all 4 stages in different ways (E.g. for one 3 may symbolize a birth of a child, whereas for someone else a birth of an idea etc.).Nevertheless, BLESSED are those Souls, which may hold up to the 9th stage.

9+9=18=1+8=9 27*4=108=1+8=9

9*5=45=4+5=9 108*5=540=5+4=9

9*3=27=2+7=9 540*6=3240=3+2+4=9

and so on.

Numbers in natural sequence .



You might come up with a question like:” Why on earth is HAPPINESS connected with mice…and what does the title of the book mean in general?”

Well, HAPPINESS is general has nothing to do with mice (at least to my knowledge!), nor this is about the biological similarity of the human body with that of mice…

I’ve chosen this title after the heart-rending story of famous contemporary American author

John Steinbeck’s “OF MEN AND MICE”.

The heroes of the story did not know where to look for their happiness, not even assuming that it comes from within..

Anyway what is “HAPPINESS OR OF MEN AND MICE” about and who is it for?

“HAPPINESS OR OF MEN AND MICE” is a collection of articles based on simple daily observations, those which people are forgetting to make in their daily run for bread…

Who is the book for?”It is for anyone who would want to read it!” In other words, it’s for the entire humanity. Take it or leave it!


Lily had a problem**

After 15 years of highly successful work overseas, she had returned to her country to find there is nothing she could do there. It affected her greatly, first of all her psyche, as a result of which, she for a time being, began remembering her previous karmic life and began feeling like that, which in its turn caused an illness called scitzo affective, as a result of which ,she turned out in a psychiatric hospital.

Now she is treated and cured, at home and yet the fear of staying jobless is not giving her mind a rest. That causes distress going into depression. How could she overcome this?

First of all, we used the word fear .The reason why I’m crossing that word out is because, as we all know, fear is the mother of all evil and it MUST Be crossed out from our vocabulary, moreover-our CONSCIOUSNESS.

Positive thinking must take over like:”Maybe, I need some rest and recuperation after all of these years” or “GOD knows what’s better for me, not me”.

Maybe another challenge right now would be too much to handle and I need to take this time of rest with dignity.

Second, she should train her patience. They say (and not in vain)”patience is life!” or “Time heals all wounds” and yes, with time things change clockwise if you know what I mean, and in reality time does heal simultaneously

.A good example for this is my two earlobes. They were both pierced ‘wounded’ and bleeding. I forgot about one of them and began constantly touching the wound of the left earlobe. The right ear healed with time unnoticeably, but the left earlobe has a greater wound on it up until now.

The point is “If you don’t touch the” problem”, the problem WON’T touch you!” . It will simply pass with time, giving way to something better, as everything in our life is evolution..

So try to bring out the best in every situation, even the most evil seeming ones. Since everything in our life has a meaning and anyway God will never give more than we can take!

…Today, Lily has a hope that she will definitely succeed!


And She will.



This part of my book is about the healing powers of water.

Many of you may think I am talking about some special springs of water. However, this is about the water you regularly drink from the tap, in other words it’s about water in general. Has anyone ever thought of water’s healing or magical abilities? I am sure many of you have experienced it, not giving it the necessary notice. One clarification, Magickal has actually nothing to do with the common meaning of the word Magic, Magick (A. Crowley) here means “action” or “creation”, whichever one is closer to your heart-they both apply to the same word.

Water carries a lot of information and is very informative as itself. I am sure you all remember your childhood bedtime stories when someone drinks the water and it has a certain effect on him like prolonging life (e.g. Armenian,”Immortal water”). Returning to reality, I’m sure most of you have seen famous healers like Kashpirovsky “charging” water on TV which they later on gave to the people in the audience to taste for their healing.

However water can be “charged” and is charged not just by famous Healers or those who have extra-sensory powers. It is charged at every moment of its existence earlier we used the word Magical waters, which means “action”, meaning it’s “in action”, changing from and substance thus changing the information in it at every instant. And being of pure quality water contains no foul information. It only takes the positive elements of thought or purifies the negative thought, which might have crossed your mind while interacting with it. It’s been more than a year since I have left the psychiatric hospital. At first it was really difficult for me to get along without medicine after having taken so many psychotropic medicines. People dealing with psychiatry will understand what I mean and what it’s really like for a patient to stay without pills after the hospital (like for a drugger to stay without a drug) and it's water, pure water which came to my rescue then. I was drinking liters of water, gallons of water for about a month and then I didn’t need any pills anymore. I was a normal person like before, no backaches as a result of not taking pills, no shiver or any of the other unpleasant staff which I was having before getting down to water therapy.

My teachers, famous Laura Fusu and Emil Bagirov have been charging drinking water for years for healing different problems and are famous for their medicating powers, however not just with water. I must add that Ms. Fusu is a psychiatrist, Ph.D. apart from being a Healer and Mr. Bagirov a physicist.

Here is one simple way of charging water.

Fill the jar, glass or any other appliance with water.

Hold it with both hands(hands as fingers convey the most subtle energy of our mind).Try to think positive thoughts and after a while give a piece of information to the water you're holding in your hands depending on what you want to achieve. Drink it. Have no doubt it will come True in due time.




"By doing certain actions, certain results will follow" A. Crowley. This is about the Law of Spiral. Our actions do not disappear unnoticeably even if there is no evident result. They go Spiralwise and finally return to us in the form which they have taken as a result of our thoughts or intentions at the moment of taking up the action. Our thoughts determine our existence like the quality of them determines the quality of our life. How does this happen?

It's simple!" If thoughts are seeds of our actions, why not plant good, healthy seeds so that the fruit will be the best?" Raj Yoga

Life is a great reward for us from the Divine, since even through sorrow and difficulties it helps those who can adjust with humility to learn from their mistakes, thus purifying their souls, and preparing them for the next incarnation.

No one has the Right to take His Own or Somebody Else's life. But the one who takes his own life gets a bigger punishment after Death by having to stay on Earth wondering around and suffering until his real time comes and that is because it’s (us) our souls who chooses the life we will be having on Earth, before the actual Birth. Therefore, we are RESPONSIBLE for the choice we have made. This is why they say, "God will never give more than one can take”. Everything in our world is Magick, Our Life is Magick not only by the indirect way but first of all in the most direct way. Magick means action and everything in our Life is in action, which is why the term -Life is Magick should have its just place in the world.

Lesser or Elemental Magick=action=result=action is performed by each one of us every day, at every moment, since each small movement of us (e.g. nodding, sneezing and many others/find its vibrations in the air and unnoticeably goes to its destination 1*.

Greater or Higher Magick comes from the Universe and is a result of a Higher thought, as it deals with the Creator. This Can be learnt for certain results, however not every one of us can go close to it. Those who can and are allowed to learn it must possess and exceptional purity of mind and soul mostly by their essence as they need to Connect to the Divine, the Highest, and Purest. Thus their Intentions need to be the Purest as their tasks are heavy.

Another thing is that some people, which are a very rare case though, are born with a very strong mind and a pure soul. These people don't need to learn to do Greater Magic, as with them, it comes spontaneously, in other words they do it unintentionally throughout their whole life, thus spreading love and fragrance on their ways and around them even if others don't notice it or give it the necessary mark.

1. See Spiral Vibrations

2. Much easier and faster to perform and act of Lesser Magic than Greater Magick the results of which take a very long time


The difference between the normal children and a Star child (Indigo) is that Indigo children can control (have a full control) not only over their consciousness but also over their unconscious mind and have access to those hidden places (awake) to which very few people have access.

Indigo is the real colour of Muladhara chakra, the chakra of Life.

Life belongs to Indigo children. They form only 2 % (and only!) of the Earth inhabitants. Take care of them! They control the world of Unconscious like a Radio (They tune into)


I don’t make music-I think Music. Why and how is it possible to make something, which has been existing for a long time, has been made by the Creator, and is in full Existance on different Dimensions?

Anyone can do it.

However, not everyone has got the privilege to “think such dimensions”.


Dreams have to do with simple calculations (from 0-9, rarely 10) depending on which dimension the soul depends on and which dimensions it visits according to its subconscious pre-programmed thoughts. Pre-programmed- EVERYTHING IN OUR LIFE IS PROGRAMMED (so don’t try to cheat the Creator, you put yourself into a direct trouble A person spends in a Dream not 1/3rd of its existence but much more.*It depends on what you call to be the Dream and reality. But what comes to the Metaphysical existence (Dream being a part of it) then, of course the person spends the biggest part of his existence there. Woe to those who go otherwise! Whatever comes to in this life night/day dreams they take 1/2nd and a bit more of our awake life (but that to be relative too). Zealand says that humanity knows not what dreams are and some say they are illusions, some… Woe to entire humanity, which rejects HIS OWN EXISTENCE.

Dreams are US merging with our SELVES(in complete harmony, be it neg. or positive, but harmony can only exist of neg. or pos. elements, however it’s purely positive as a whole).The person gets the chance to learn about the hidden aspects of his existence as a whole which the Creator makes.


I live in Shambala. It’s not on Earth so don’t look for it on Earth. It’s on upper dimensions, on the place where it’s believed to be. Chinese are my beloved nation. That’s why there is so many of them. They are most beautiful too. In addition, their music is magical. I send my most loved souls to them. The purest.

Food should be for all. There should be no lacking. S. deprives people of food, so they are not healthy, most of all psychologically and such people can do anything bad.

Food is for ALL*.And it’s equal. People should not put the accent on it. Not the accent of living. It’s the accent of well-being.


CHAKRARAIN is one of the pieces of music, which I wrote in a spur of the moment. I was thinking of love (fa) and the way to express it.

I chose the experience with the 3rd eye (6th sense, la –one octave lower). So love dwells on the past experience with the 6th sense. Then other roles are plating Swadhistana (re)going to Manipura (well-being) and La with Muladhara(in action –as life boils in any way).

This is about pure love


Dimensions Repeated in the same sequence




*Dimensions are healing you through me.


Silence has its own changing melody depending on different dimensions. For instance the tick, or the sound of birds songs etc. etc. form their own melody. It’s like all numbers filling the 0, or all colors going into white. It’s like a magnet, imagine three qualities(say colors).Suppose these colors have other qualities(say a smell etc).When something goes quiet and null all qualities fall into that piece of silence.


Do not touch the problem ,when the problem comes.And it won't touch or bother you.

In other words, do not interact with it or give it a thought or energy.

Problems do not come alone,as all evil has to be gathered together,in order to try and defeat you.THERE IS ONLY ONE GOD!

So, stay with yoru God!

And don't touch evil,as it will try to touch you back in a greater force,which it will derive from your own energy,from your own touch.







A small pocket paper for children or adultswhich you can read at any time, at home, in your office.If your children under three are ill, put this paper under the pillow and make a wish.



All matter is rot and rust.

Matter is not real,as it can be easily damaged by burning or breaking.However, imagination,is the only thing real in this Universe,since God firstly imagined this or that item,then only created it and gave it a life by materialising it in a certain way.Imagination can not be burnt or broken.IT IS REAL.Be careful with what you do with yoru minds.Minds can move mountains,if you know what I mean.THink and imagine only Good and Beautiful things.

IDEALISE ! Your dreams...

Aramaic is not the old Armenian.It is the Armenian spoken today.The Armenian spoken NOW.ONly letters are different.

All matter is imaginary-thus, it's not real.

All imagination is material.That's ALL that's REAL in this UNIVERSE.OM SHANTI


IN this world there are no lies or crazies.

Simply, because a lie does not exist,being a lie itself.

NOr does a crazy person exist because every crazy knows that WHAT IS TRUE to himself.We all see things from our viewpoint,so all subjective is greatly objective.

So, why not respect and listen to IT.Maybe it has a point?A point you don't have an access to?Or you may have but deny your access to it,because your consciousness is blocked with a foul information that's around you.

Where does YOUR cruelty and CRASS and RIGID intentions and intolerance come from?-

And what about mercy?


Souls are purer than the purest sky. They never actually get black.

They simply die.

Can you keep your ‘light’ up?

Thoughts are the reflection of the soul, at large. Thoughts determine our stage of soul. Souls have 9 stages. Rarely can one reach the 10th(the Solar Planet, as all nine are the other planets,10 is what gives life in the Universe1-physical life entering 0 the Universe-Sun-source of life Energy-Be like the Sun).Anyone whose soul has reached the 10th stage becomes immortal eternally with a Golden(like the Sun)Aura and a Golden Halo around His head.

Female is the Sky*

Male is the Earth*


In this chapter, I would like to write about People and their Hurt. What is Hurt in general? It, in reality, is nothing but people’s unfulfilled emotions and unrealized dreams. They get hurt as a way of self-realization. For instance, someone has asked you to do something but you apologize saying you can’t do it (for some respectable reason) and he gets hurt. Not because he can’t do without you (because people alone can do anything and better than with a partner/helper), but for the reason of self-establishment. In other words to stress on one’s own importance, which in it’s turn has been diminished because of some sort of unfulfilled dream/wish etc.(which presumably you have achieved).People are in constant battle with each other for the simple reason to “escape” from battling with themselves(which is in their blood).

Inner conflicts arise a multitude of other socially vindictive problems one of them being Hurt.

...from the Diary of the Suicider

It was long ago when I decided to commit a suicide. Life had bugged me...People-too.

I got two boxes of 60 sleeping pills, and took them all without giving it a second thought.

I waited for an hour-nothing was happening. I waited for the second hour in my bed. I was slightly going numb, if you know what I mean. So I went upstairs to the receptionist and wrote (I couldn’t talk-my tongue was numb) “call ambulance”. She called the ambulance not immediately and nor she called the Police immediately. Then they both came. I was sitting on the sofa watching the big screen in front of me, which at some point began shouting out the song “Tomorrow Never Dies”. After a couple of dumb questions, the Police left and the Ambulance took me to the hospital…

This is …but about Fear. Fear of Having Done Something Wrong, Something against God, which means that anything could happen after that.

After all, “if you could lay your hands on you, why can’t others? “Why wouldn’t they?” After all, there are so many envious people around.

…Luckily enough, all that I lost after leaving the hospital were two bottles of French perfume, an expensive Pashmina shawl, a fashionable bag, classy, black Designer glasses, some important papers and around a thousand dollars…




Our thoughts determine our actions the aftereffect of which, WE are responsible for.

The quality of our thoughts depends on the Universal Intention or Malintention.

Each one of us is connected to it in a way his thoughts allow him to.

E.G. if you possess naturally high and pure thoughts coming from your heart,then you will automatically be connected to the HIgher Consciousness which will give you an unlimited access to all knowledges connected with the Stars, the Sky,the Sun.All knowledges of the Universe.

Healing of HEARTS.

Universal Intentions can be controlled by the one who possesses it.

However,the Malintention is NOT controllable and is rigid with YOU.

It can bring one COMPLETELY out of CONTROL of one's own actions,as a result of which,one may end up in a tragedy, by doing what is NOT allowed by God,say, telling a gross lie,killing,stealing.If your thoughts are low and despicable about unexisting things like hatred ,for example,then you will only produce Malintention into this WORLD,meaning,Intentions with mal(bad) motives,the outcome of which will also be bad.

If my thoughts are the seeds of all actions,why not plant good, healthy seeds so that the fruits will be the best.

Raja Yoga.


Fear puts you down.

We all are here to create through time.

Time never changes.Nor do people.Time is STILL and etches away everything but itself.


Fear is a crack into your identity,which allows the Satan to get inside and destroy you,your mind ,your essence and identity.

A person who fears can not think clearly and is out of control.NOr he can control his actions.

Anyone with a vivid identity doesn't want to go through this.Fear humiliates you and takes away your balance.If balance is gone, then mind is in danger.

You dont want to experience fear.

Fear of what?Fear for what?

How can you experience fear in your Life ,if your Life without fear will never be in danger.

What about Death?

Death is the most fun thing,as it's a change of clothes.It's not the end. EIN SOF.





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