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Chapter One of my new novel/story!!!
Revenge and Honor: Chapter One

Centurion Appius Domitius Calix was one of the most favored centurions in the Imperial Roman Army. For one reason he was quite young, twenty-six years old to be exact, despite having to be at least thirty years of age. He had won many battles and replaced an older centurion, Centurion Gavius Iacobus Linus. His legion was the famed I Maximian, and he served with the Legate Nicator Praticius Valerianus, who was the father of his wife, Achillea Lucina. He married her not only out of politics and loyalty, also because he had loved her when they were young. The young couple had two children and currently expecting twins. Their oldest had been a girl, five years old, named Quintina Silvia and their younger son at two years of age, Praticius Aether, after her father. They had been quite young for Romans to be married, she had been seventeen and he had been ninteteen then two years later Quintina had been born. The centurion hadn't been home for over a year for war he had been in Britannia, conquering the natives there. The year had been 107 A.D. and the current emperor was Trajan, Appius' father-in-law, Nicator, was a first cousin of the emperor through his mother, so Appius was distantly related to the emperor himself. The centurion had been heading home for weeks until he finally reached Rome. He wanted to be reunited with his family the most but he had to do a couple of errands first. Riding on his right side was his father-in-law and Legate Nicator Praticus Valerianus and to his left was his best friend and optio, Vespur Severus Zoticus. Behind the three was the century, most of the century had been spared although they lost some men to those bastards, the Picts and Celtics. Appius looked at Nicator for the signal to go, the older man nodded and they began to enter Rome.

Achiella Lucina Calix, wife of Centurion Appius Domitius Calix, stared at her mother-in-law nervously. Amara Camilla Calix was one of the most feared women in Rome, if men considered her to scare them. Achillea had knowned for quite a while before her marriage with Appius, that he was a mother's boy just she had been a father's girl. Amara had claimed that Appius had been betrothed to Achiella's rival Iulia Liana Procris but when she came along it all broke apart. Now Amara was staring at the window looking out at a busy street of Rome, then turned to look at her daughter-in-law. "I hope you know what you're doing just sitting there not talking to me." Amara hissed to Achiella. "Well you haven't said anything and since you're the elder one here I would let you say something first." Achiella said hoping to please the vicious woman. Amara smirked cunningly and said: "Very well, Achiella." She told the much younger woman. While they were speaking a messanger had come into the room to tell them the great news of the return of the I Maximian. "What is it Efrem?" Achiella asked gently. "Your father, Legate Nictator Praticus Valerianus has requested you in his presence for I Maximian has returned from Brittania." Efrem told the ladies. "Will Centurion Appius Domitius Calix be at the Legate's house?" Amara asked interested in this little meeting. "Yes he will be ma'am. He also told me that Amara Camilla Calix and her husband are more than welcomed there too if that is you." Efrem replied. Achiella and Amara exchanged glances then Achiella payed Efrem and told him to go tell her father that they would be there. "I will wake and prepare the children." Achiella told Amara. She nodded silently and stared at Achiella as she left.

Meanwhile Appius was welcomed into the Senate with honor and respect. He saw Emperor Trajan sitting with all of the senators on the first level of seats and in the middle. The centurion bowed deeply until the emperor told him to rise. "I hear that your assignment was a success. Is that true?" Emperor Trajan asked him with great interest. "Yes, well I guess it was. It's better for you to see if it was a success." He told the emperor and everyone laughed. "Of course, of course but from the reports I've heard that you were successful." He replied. The reason you were summoned here was because we wanted to congratulate you and promote you to an even higher level of command. "You shall replace your father-in-law and my cousin Legate Nictator Praticius Valerianus." The emperor told him. "But your highness, I'm not even of age to be centurion even though I am a centurion much less a legate." Appius told the emperor and Trajan laughed at his reply. "That's not the most important thing. The much more important thing is that you can lead a century and win most of the battles that are thrown at you at random times." Trajan told newly made legate Appius Domitius Calix. "Go now for you must be tired from the journey. And must want to see your family since it's been quite too long since you saw them." He told Appius. Appius then bowed deeply again then left out of the Senate. Behind him he could hear whispers and murmurs about him and his future. Outside he found his father-in-law waiting for him. "Congratulations on the promotion." He beamed at his son-in-law. "Also I invied your parents and wife and friends over for your promotion and return." He told him giving him a suprise. "It will feel good to see your wife again, won't it?" Nicator asked. "Yes, very much so and my children also." Appius told the older man. "Your promotion wasn't a suprise although you being a centurion at this age was very much a shock. I wasn't centurion till I was thirty-five." Nictator laughed. "I'm only legate because you're retiring." Appius told him. "That's not true. Emperor Trajan, himself, picked you out for this legate position. Now let's hurry for all of the guests should be arriving soon.

Achiella held her children's hands as they entered into her parents' house. She found her loving mother, Marcia Lucina Valerianus waiting for them. "How is my precious daughter and grandchildren?" She asked her daughter while giving each of them a hug. "Very well." Achiella replied looking around at every guest scanning for her husband and father. "Achiella, daughter!!" She heard a pleasant voice. "Father!!" Achiella replied running into his arms. Her children had the same reply. "Grandpapa!!" Quintina and Praticius yelled at the same time. Nicator gave all of them a huge hug and kissed them. "Where's Appius? Don't tell me he's-" "Getting ready." Her father told her. "Mamma, where's Daddy?" Quintina asked her mother while tugging on her dress. "Here." Achiella heard a voice behind her back. "Appius!!" Achiella had ran into his arms. Her husband began stroking his beloved wife's light blonde hair as she began stroking his golden hair. "It's been too long without my family." He said taking his children into his arms too. "My, my how have they grown!! Especially Praticius!! Last time I was here with you three he had only been half this size!!" Appius observed his children. "Appius!! It is a pleasure to see you again!!" Achiella heard a familiar voice. Iluia. She thought. She saw Iluia coming torwards the newly reunited family with her always too proud and confident gait. "I need to feed the children." Achiella told her husband and kissed him then left with the children complaining about wanting to see him again. "Lovely day isn't it?" Iluia asked stroking her beautiful black hair with her charming light blue eyes and perfect eyes. Appius snapped out of his lust for her then told her: "Sorry Iluia but I have to go help my lovely wife and children." He told her immediately then followed Achiella and their children. But Iluia didn't care all she cared about what was going to happen to Achiella and her beloved children. "Soon, Achiella you're going to regret marrying Appius. Soon I will have my revenge."
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