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by Sammy
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A human spirt contains all the power in the world and yet is unknown by everyone until now
"As everyone knows all humans have life. Life meaning a spirt. Everyone has one spirt. All spirts can be played with but nobody knows how to exactly use them per say." Says 15 year old Chris Mickenly.

He had to do an assignment for his science class. The project was titled, 'Discovery, Research, Share' Obviously the title explains the project. A single induvidual had to discovery something they didn't know before. Research it. And then share it with the rest of the class.     

Chris's project was about the human spirt and how it might work.

He chose his topic by accadent actually. He was walking home with his friend Crystal after school last monday.

"So, Chris, did you choose a topic yet for that science thingy?" Crystal asked.

Chris shrugged. "Not yet, what about you?"

Crystal thought, "I don't know.. I'm pretty sure I want it to be about nature in some sort though."

Crystal had been his friend ever sence a time 5th grade when a 6th grader was picking on Chris and Crystal came over and punched them in the nose. Crystal had always been special. She was also very pretty. She had medium strait blonde hair with curved cut bangs and bright green eyes. She didn't look as vicious as she actually could be, though. She was also always the most athletic girl in P.E.

They then walked and talked about the projects they could do and how silly they could be like 'The study of play-doh'

Chris and Crystal where about to cross the street when a car stopped in front of them. The window rolled down and a guy with dark glasses and white hair appeared. Following with two giant men stepping out of the car. The man said, "Crystel Kellen?"

Crystal looked at Chris then at the man, "Yes?" 

The man said, "My names Chandler Royd, and I believe you need to come with me."

The two men stepped closer to Chris and Crystal. Crystal grabbed Chris's hand and yanked him as she started to run and turn down an ally.

Chris was trying to keep up with Crystals pace. The men had jumped back into the car and dashed after the two. "What's going on Crystal?!"

"I'll tell you when we're safe okay?" She replied. She looked back and saw the car gaining. She turned down an ally and pulled both her Chris into the tall grass. She put her index figure to her lips and signaled Chris to be quite.

Chris leaned back and discovered there was no fencing into a near by yard. "Hey," he whispered, "We should go through here and hide in this persons back yard."

Crystal nodded. "Right."

They crawled as quietly as they could into the yard and before the men entered the ally they had already dashed to the other end of the yard and snuck into the house using the back door which was open. The house was dirty and old and looked as if nobody had been living there for years.

Crystal peared out the window and saw the men in there car dashing down the ally thinking they kept running. She sighed and sat down. "Damn." She took out her phone and dialed her parents number, "Yeah? Bill? It's me. Crap they are?! Yeah, I will. I need to call Chad first though." she then dialed another number, "Chad. They have Bill and Sarah. I know. Yeah they just chased me and Christapher Mickenly to some shabby home and i have no idea of the location. Really? Well we'll get to the base as soon as possible though. Okay? Bye." She then took her phone, shut it off and broke it into as many peices as possible Chris looked at Crystal, "Yo Crystal, got somethin' to tell me? when you where on the phone who was that? and why did you use Sarah and Bill's names instead of calling them mom and dad?"

Crystal looked around the house as she started to explain. "Well first off Bill and Sarah arn't my parents. They are specialized body gards for me when I'm at home. And the guy I was on the phone with was Chad. He's the head of the Federal Agency of Testing Life ot the F.A.T.L."

"Why do you need body gards?" Chris asked feeling a little angry at Crystal for not telling him this before.

Crystal said "Because the Dish Clan is after me."

Chris rolled his eyes at the fact that she was only giving him short answers. "Okay wait. please explain ALL of this to me in a flash back kind of manner."

Crystal giggled a little, "Okay, sit down. It's kind of long."

Both Chris and Crystal sat down some place.

Crystal began, "It all started back with the association I told you about. The F.A.T.L. My grandfather was the one who started it. It was made because he wanted the world to know about the secret abilities everyone has inside there spirt. You've never heard of it because at the time, Kennedy was president, and he told my grandfather to leave it as a secret until the world is ready. Which was actually the smart thing to do I think. My grandfather agreed to Kennedys terms and let only his eldest child know of the secret. And it was there responsibility to pass it down. My dad was his eldest kid and when i was 11 he told me. Which was a little bit before I met you actually. Anyway, after he told me he was murdered by the Dish Clan, they actually wanted the information from him about how to use your inner ability but he wouldn't tell. After he was killed the F.A.T.L. set me up with body gards as parents who would die for me actually to protect the world from what the Dish Clan might do with the information. The clan only found out about the ability because one of my dad's assistence in the research didn't want to wait till the world was ready and just wanted to use it now and be rich and happy and live forever, but he doesn't actually know a thing about the ability and it's properties. He only know it holds power and i think he thinks it also can be used to youth a spirt. Which is stupid because you can't move a spirt forward or backward in time, you can only stop it at one point in time.

Chris looked at Crystal unbeliving, "So basically you know information that can change the very lives of everyone in the world and only you know it.. what's the point of the F.A.T.L. if you already know it all?"

Crystal smiled, "My grandfather kind of set it up as a game. See he already figured out ALL of it. Which believe me is alot. anyway he wanted to see how many generations it would take an entire Angency to figure out how Life itself works and how to minipulate it's properties."

"Properties?" Chris asked, "A spirt has properties?"

She nodded, "Oh yeah, using my grandfathers method you can use the 1st 2nd 3rd and 4th dimensions!"

Chris said, "But haven't, like, we already did those?"

She smiled, "Not the 4th one."

Chris thought, "what's the 4th one?"


Chris said, "You mean like time travel?"

She nodded. "Yup."

There was a long pause. Then Crystal got up and looked out her window. "Okay, we have to go to the home base as soon as it gets dark.  Call your mom and tell her you forgot to tell her but there's an overnight camping trip for school and you already got the papers sighned by my parents and that you'll be back sometime on Wenesday."

Chris took out his phone and told his mom.

Then Crystal took his phone and broke it. "Don't worry I'll get Chad to get you a knew one."

Chris looked at his broken phone, "Why would you do that?!"

Crystal sighed, "Because the Dish Clan isn't just some gangster clan, they are very smart with technologe and such and can track us. I know they don't know you but it's just to be on the safe side so we don't get caught and so we don't lead them to our base. I know the base is trying to learn the information, but it's also used as a protection place for anyone who knows anything about the spirit abilities."

Chris nodded.

A few hours passed of them both just talking about everything that's ever happened to them Chris didn't ask any more about the spirit crap because he didn't want to pester Crystal about it and Crystal felt like she should have told him more, but didn't. Secretly inside she liked Chris, but she never admitted it, not even to herself.

The sun finally went down and the moon started to rise. Crystal looked at Chris, "Ready to go?"

Chris nodded, "Where is the base though?"

Crystal said, "It's out of state but all we need to do is get to the jet and we can go."


"Yup, come on!" she walked out of the door with Chris following. She said, "Okay, first we need a taxi."

"We don't have money for a taxi Crystal.."

Crystal grinned, "Don't need none. I'll show you."

A couple cars passed by and Crystal waved a taxi down. She got into the taxi and so did Chris.

The Taxi driver was a middle aged man. "Where can I take you? and do you have the money?"

Crystal patted her pocket, "I have money, please take us to the address 4521 west Diplomatic Rd. Please."

The taxi man nodded.

Crystal then said, "Taxi, Faxi, Grandfather. 334157."

The taxi man nodded again. "Right. You must be from the F.A.T.L." he started driving, "What's with the emergency.. and I didn't relized they let kids as young as you teens into the agency."

Crystal said, "I'm Ms. Kellen. and this is my friend who by accadent got caught up in all this mess with the F.A.T.L."

The taxi man looked back at them through the mirror, "Well I am most certainly glad to meet you Ms. Kellen." he thought this girl wasn't actually real and only was a myth to be used as encouragement to everyone working at the base.

Crystal said, "Do they tell the Taxi drivers about there research?"

The taxi man said, "Some, but only the small details."

She nodded, "Ah."

They finally arived and Crystal and Chris walked into the house. It looked plain and ordinary.

A women in a sundress walked up to them, "Why are you in my house?!"

Crystal said, "We're with the F.A.T.L. I'm Ms. Kellen. And this is my friend, Chris, who got tangeled up in this mess."

The women snarled, "Do you have PROOF that you are actually THE Crystal Kellen?"

Crystal thought, "Like what kind of proof? I.D proof, proof of ability, finger print.."

the Women said, "Any kind."

Before Chris could blink Crystal was already across the room "Has the agency figured out the 4th one yet?"

The women shook her head in disbelief. "Go down to the cellar and look behind the wine fridge for the door to your jet."

Crystal giggled, "Let's go Chris."

They walked down stairs and saw that there was, indeed, a door there which was entered into a tunnel. There was no light either. They looked around and found a flashlight and started walking down the tunnel. At the end of the tunnel was a jet big enough for someone to fly it and 2 more people. a piolet was waiting for them. "The angency told me you two where comming. Get on board so we can go."

Crystal got in and buckled herself with no problum. Chris, however, did and took him a good 5 minuets before he was ready. The pilot turned on the plane and started on the run way. the Jet took off toward a secret Island.
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