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Love is a very wonderful and powerful emotion.

My dear sweet friend,

As I sit here where we first fell in love writing you this letter, I am enclosing two pictures. One is before you came into my life. The other picture, the one with the big smile, that's when I was with you.

Now this is not as much of a good-bye letter as it is a thank you letter. I'm not saying good-bye because I still don't know what life has in store for me. I'm saying until we ever meet again thank you for being part of my life. And if there is not a tomorrow I want you to know today how grateful I am for you and loving me when you did.

I had no idea how truly lost I was until you came along. I've heard it said that everyone who enters our life is for a reason. And we have something to learn from everyone we meet.

You gave me back my life. You helped me to stand back up and face the world with courage and strength. You also taught me how to love unconditionally and freely and with all my heart.

I gave you everything I had to give ,and I don't know if I'll ever get it all back again. Nobody will ever know the parts of me that I gave to you. And you can never be replaced in my heart because you will forever be a part of me. And I'm not saying that I have given up on love. I'm saying it seems selfish to wish for more than one great love in a lifetime.

But I'm moving forward. I'm living my life with hope and love. You helped me to see that it wasn't life that had given up on me, I had given up on myself. And thanks to you I won't ever do that again.

I wish you all the love and joy you gave to me. May all your dreams come true. May you know the loving eyes and smiles that I remember. I hope you have someone to act like a kid with and share dreams. Someone who will be kind to your heart and make you giggle. Someone to whisper in your ear all the loving words you long to hear. Someone to take on long walks and throw pennies in a well with. And someone to grow old beside you.

Though the time was not right for us, may we both find peace and joy. Life goes by quickly so make every moment count and never settle for less than you deserve. You also taught me that.

Not good-bye,but until our paths ever cross again

God speed,My dear sweet friend

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