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Poem I wrote based on a 'pantoum'. First go at this style, I wrote about the bible.
Before I get a review saying it's weird to have in on the 'right' side. I'm doing this because the bible was written in Hebrew which is read right to left. Originally I was going to write a piece that could be read backwards or forwards, and this piece somewhat can, but the extra rhyming made it sound bizarre. I hope you enjoy it. :)

In the vineyard I walk, Grows lies and deceit
Faster I run, but only dust my feet meet
Whispers of truth, shimmer in the dark,
Deception comes easily, be warned. Hark!

Faster we run, but only dust our feet meet,
Til webs hold us closer and death we must cheat,
Whispers, of truth. We shimmer, in the dark,
Tangled in a rarity of new found art.

Til webs hold us closer, it is death we must cheat,
Hark! The fallen angel prophets deception, soft and sweet.
Tangled, it’s a rarity, a new found art.
Whilst the bible lays open; at its bleeding heart.

‘Hark! The prophet cries, deception is near,
The pages are weeping with lost hopes and fears.
Laying open, it bleeds, with an ink, old and weary
Its sworn to protect us, since the time before Mary.

The pages are weeping, and yet so am I
If this is our fault, in disgrace we must die.
Laying open it bleeds, it’s now old and weary.
Now it is judgement day, the world is now hungry.
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Printed from https://www.writing.com/main/view_item/item_id/1783634-Whilst-the-bible-bleeds