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Chapter Two!! Here comes the good parts!!!
Revenge and Honor: Chapter Two

The Nivalis Campos, Brittania

Legate Appius stood with family right outside their new home in Nivalis Montes, Brittania. He had been ordered to go back and Achiella couldn't stand to leave him again, so she and the family came along much to his dismay. Today Appius had to go check the borders to see if any of the Picts or the Celtics had gotten through. Achiella was sure that something would go horribly wrong. "Don't worry. Nothing will go wrong." He told her gently touching her face. "You never know what will happen or not!" She argued. She held little Praticius in her arms and Quintina was tugging on her dress to get her attention. "What is it, Quintina?" Achiella snapped at the child. "Is Daddy leaving?" Quinta asked suddenly afraid for that had never happened before. Achiella closed her eyes and sighed deeply. Then turned to look at the child. "I'm afraid so, dear. Your father has other things to do." She paused during the sentence. "Oh." Was all Quintina could say. "Achiella, love, I don't want to do this but I have to." He pleaded with Achiella. She then turned her attention to him again and sighed again obviously tired. "I know. It is just that I've been really tired recently and I have been worrying about you being broken again. That can't happen again." She said with tears coming into her clear green eyes. Appius took Praticius out of her arms and took his wife into his arms embracing her. "That will never happen again. I will make sure of that." He promised her staring into her beautiful green eyes. She closed hers and shook her head. "I've been too snappish and irritiable recently. I guess I can blame that on myself for worrying." Achiella laughed at herself. "Legate, sir, are you ready?" One of the officers walked up to him. Appius turned around to face the officer. "Just give me a couple of minutes. Okay?" He asked the officer. "We'll leave when you say so." The officer replied then went off to join his comrades. Appius turned back around to see his wife looking off into the distance at the mountains. "What are you looking at?" He asked Achiella, snapping her out of her daze. "Oh, nothing!" She said shaking her head gently, embarrased that she had dazed off. "Well I guess it's time for you to leave." She said smiling and hiding the pain and grief from him. "Will you be okay without me?" Appius asked pulling her closer to his body. "Yes." She told him with tears gathering in her eyes.

"Well you'll have to say goodbye to the children, of course." Achiella told him smiling.

"Of course." Appius replied to her.

"But I don't want Daddy to leave!!" Quintina wailed as Achiella handed her over to Appius. "Quintina." Appius silenced her wails with a stern voice. "Yes, Daddy?" She asked him now looking at him with tears in her eyes. "I want you to be on your best behavior for Mamma. Do you understand?" Appius asked Quintina. "Yes Daddy, I will." She replied trying to be as solemn as she could. Appius gave her a large hug and a kiss. "I'm going to miss you so much." Appius said gently.

Now it was time for Praticius to say good bye to his father. "My son." Appius said proudly as he took him from Achiella's arms. "Da-da." Praticius said patting Appius' head smiling and laughing. "He's going to be a smart one for sure." Appius laughed. He gave the younger child a hug and kiss as he did with Quintina. He then sat the toddler down then looked at his wife waiting for him. He opened up his arms so she could embrace him. She understood the gesture and went into them. "Good luck." Achiella whispered into his chest. Appius contiued to embrace her until she broke away. "Now hero, go follow your duties." She told him. He then nodded solemnly and left with the children waving at him.

Iluia slowly followed the Picts into the forest near the Nivalis Campos. The forest offered complete cover so their invasion would be unseen and unheard. She followed their leader to the front of the small party of soldiers they were leading. This was perfect to get revenge on Achiella for taking Appius from her, though the Picts were planning to take the whole Nivalis Campos. Never mind that. She thought in her head. They had made sure to leave right after the century there, the I Maximian, left. "Perfect timing." She murmured to herself. The Picts' leader had told her that they were sure to leave no survivors, so there were no witnesses to tell about the invasion. Iluia had learned their language by herself so she could communicate with the some-what savages but they were useful. She then saw the signal for them to start attacking the Nivalis Campos. It was time for revenge.

The Picts were merciless as Iluia expected them to be. They killed everyone one off even children and babies but sometimes they spared beautiful women as every man did. But Iluia had only one family she wanted to destroy. She signaled the Picts behind her to come foreward since they had arrived to Achiella's home. "You and me take care of the woman. The rest take care of the children and others." Iluia had pointed to a young man to aid her with the killing. They entered silently and heard a young woman's voice. "Who's there?" She had apparently had heard them enter the house. Iluia gave the signal and the Picts started to raid the house. Achiella was knocked down by all of the raiding Picts who were ignoring her. She tried to get up from the floor but the young man had pinned her down.

"What's going on here?" Achiella said struggling under the Pict's grip on her. She then heard her children's screams. "Praticius, Quintina! No!!" Achiella wailed with grief. She could her hear running all over the house and heard Quintina's screams leave the house. Quintina, survive. Please. Achiella thought tp herself. She then realized Iluia's face was near her own. "Achiella, dear, are you crying for your children?" Iluia asked mockingly. "You'll pay for this!!" Achiella screamed at her. Illuia just smirked evilly at her. "Why did you do this?" Achiella asked through tears and pain. "You had to pay for taking Appius away from me. So I decided this was you payment." Iluia explained to the struggling woman. Then Achiella's screams stopped abruptly. The man had done the job for her. She wanted to do it herself but either way the job was done. "Get rid of the body." Iluia said with disgust then looked around her. Everywhere she looked at was blood and bare walls and the ground.

Appius finally decided the borders were safe and decided that it was time to go home for a long visit before leaving to conquer the Picts and Celtics again. But little did the century know that the Nivalis Campos was completely ruined in every way. Appius could hear the murmurs and whispers behind him but he did not care for they were all going home for a long visit. Then they reached the border of the forest and the Nivalis Campos. Once they were in full view the saw everything was in ruins.
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