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Priced to make Apple iPad buyers think twice, the new Toshiba Tablet (http://www.laptopbatteriesinc.com.au/laptop-battery/toshiba/toshiba-satellite-r1...)arrives in Australia in June with a few tricks up its sleeve.
With every man and his dog bringing out a tablet, you have to do something special to stand out. This year we’ve already seen the Motorola Xoom, Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1, Blackberry Playbook, and iPad 2 to name a few.

Now it’s Toshiba’s turn. Their new http://www.laptopbatteriesinc.com.au/laptop-battery/toshiba/toshiba-tecra-r10-ba... arriving in “late June” has caught our attention for a few reasons.

Firstly it will cost $579, the same price as an entry level iPad 2. With the Galaxy Tab 10.1 at $729 (or on a plan), and Motorola Xoom at $840 (or available on a plan), Toshiba pricing seems competitive.

One big thing to keep in mind is the hp omnibook xe battery for now. Depending on where you work, and your tablet usage habits, this mightn’t be an issue. For those who want to take it on the road, check daily news sites on their commute to work, or even use this as a mobile work device, Toshiba tells us a 3G version is coming next quarter.

No surprisingly, http://www.laptopbatteriesinc.com.au/laptop-battery/toshiba/toshiba-tecra-m9-bat... hasn’t announced any option for buying the Tablet through a carrier. So no getting a cheaper up-front price with a 12 month plan (like the Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1v through Vodafone, for example).

So what are you getting for your money? We first ran across the Toshiba Tablet on our trip to the CES gadget show in Las Vegas in January this year. While the prospect of yet another Android device was certainly not newsworthy, a few things made us keep it on our radar.http://www.laptopbatteriesinc.com.au/laptop-battery/toshiba/toshiba-satellite-l3...

One of those features is the removable http://www.laptopbatteriesinc.com.au/laptop-battery/hp/hp-compaq-business-notebo... Again, whether you find this useful is really going to depend on whether you’re buying a tablet for around the home and short daily commutes, or whether you’re a traveller. A removable 6 cell toshiba battery pack will cost you $79.95.

Other notables include a full size USB port, HDMI port for connecting up a big screen for watching video or photos, and an SD card reader.

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