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An assingment I made for my Drama class.
ATTENTION: I have nothing against hospitals, in fact I love them. Almost everything said in this monolouge is fiction. I made it so that it wasn't me speaking but another fictional character I named Bob. It was only an assignment I had to do for public speaking...
Hospitals. Safe havens for the sick? I think not! Have you ever walked into a hospital and a sence of death creeps all through your body? The smell of drugs and blood fill your noes almost instantly the moment you enter through those doors. Just think about it, a lot of deaths occur in the Hospital or on the way to them. And for those money-lovers out there. Every had a check-up? And have you ever saw the price of these so called "check-ups"? There huge! So before you even think you MIGHT be sick, for one second think about the consequences you might face. Sure, hospitals are good for complete emergencies, but that's only if you really have too.
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