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A magnificent day outside.
         Everyone was outside staring up at the sky. People crowded the streets, anxiously waiting with a great deal of anticipation for what was soon to come. An old man nervously shifted through the massive accumulation of on goers. He made his way past a young couple who held hands; they were on the verge of tears, with glorious smiles on their faces.

         A little girl and her brother ran in the midst of the clumps of people as they played tag and laughed until their faces turned red. The brother accidentally ran into the old man.

         “Oh gee, I’m sorry mister.” He apologized. The old man looked down at him.

         “Say, what’s going on here?” The old man asked.

         “Just wait and see mister, it’s going to be magnificent.”

         A middle aged man overheard the question and turned around.

         “Yeah don’t go anywhere,” he said. “This will be one for the history books.”

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