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Angel wakes up to find that she's not where she was before...
Chapter Four:

I woke up in a different place. I was in a room with a dirt floor and two old desks. Sitting up, I prepared myself to fight, but there was no one around to fight. Not even Cody was there. Frowning, I investigated the first desk. It had an old key on top of it. The key didn't unlock the door, but I kept it anyway. I poked around in the other desk and found a few locked drawers. The key I'd found unlocked one of them and inside was another key. Here comes a puzzle, I thought. Taking the other key, I walked over to the first desk and unlocked a drawer with it. Inside was another key. This key unlocked the other drawer in the second desk. There was, of course, a key inside. This key unlocked the last drawer that was on the first desk. Inside there was a small locked box that took a number code and a small scrap of blank paper.
         I put the peice of paper down and examined the box. I couldn't figure out the combination. Maybe the scrap of paper had something to do with it? I leaned down and realize that I had set the paper in a puddle on the floor by accedent. I picked it up anyway and examined it. The water, which was dripping from pipes overhead, had ucovered something on the paper:
-Misty Valentine

         I put in "1792" and the box clicked open. I took the key inside and used it on the door. When the door swung open, I ran out into the hallway outside. Then I heard voices. "Stop her!" "How did she escape?" Hunters swarmed in and started attacking me. I pushed past them, dodged their attacks, and made it to the door. I raced off, took to the sky, and started to fly away.
         "Wait!" cried a hunter from below. "Take me with you!"
         "No way!" I shouted down at him. I turned and flew a long way. And the hunter followed. Sighing, I landed. "What do you want?" I asked.
         "To come with you," the hunter explained. "I'm Fenris. I want-- I want to escape Tab's command."
         I started to ask about Tab but then realized that Fenris was anything but trustworthy, so instead, I kicked him in the face. He hit me and we were fighting in no time. I was winning, beating him badly, but then Fenris morphed into a werewolf-y thing. He stood, hunched over on top of me paw-like hands clenched into fists. He was powerful now. In this position, Fenris could kill me. I held my breath and waited for the pain. But it didn't come.
         "Listen, Angel," Fenris growled. "I'm not going to kill you. I want to come with you. Please, take me with you."
         "Due to the position we're in, the one where you could kill me," I started. "I think I am forced to say yes," I spat, my voice colder than ice. I hated Fenris, but he could murder me if I said no, and he would. "But we're going on my mission, no matter what you say. We're finding Cody, my partner. Is that clear? And you have to provide trustworthy information about Tab and the hunters, alright?" In response, he nodded and got off of me. We were going back to Cody, and then, as soon as possible, I was going to ditch Fenris.
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