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Angel and Fenris journey back into the states.
Chapter Five:
Ditching Fenris

"Where are we, Fenris?" I asked him, hoping he'd know the answer.
         "Mexico," Fenris answered simply. "The states aren't far."
         "If they aren't far, could I fly there while you run?" I asked, wanting to get rid of Fenris. "You seem pretty fast on your feet."
         "Sure," Fenris said. "I am pretty fast." And he was. He could catch up with me easily and never seemed to run out of stamina.

"Texas!" Fenris called up to me. "We're in Texas!"
         "Great, but I left Cody back in Missouri," I explained.
         "Fine," Fenris agreed. "But can you walk with me? It's hard to see you in the clouds."
         We walked for a while, and then, when Fenris least expected it, I took off running and leaped into the sky, leaving him in the dust.
         "Wait!" Fenris screamed, looking up for me. "Wait, Angel! Angel wait! Angel! Angel! Angel?" Like I was gonna wait for him. "ANGEL!! I can tell you about Tab!" I froze. "And I know Cody! He's my freind! He likes me! He'll want to see me again! Angel!"
         I hesitated, but then folded my wings in and dropped down right next to Fenris. "Tell me everything you know." Fenris started to tell me things about Tab but I interrupted. "Not now! Later. When Cody is with us."

Hours later, Fenris and I arrived in Missouri. It took a while to find the tree that Cody had been in, but we managed to find it.
         "Angel!" Cody cried, running up to me. "Angel! I'm so glad you're safe! I was worried." He threw his arms around me in a friendly way.
         Then he turned to Fenris. "Fenris? Is that you, Fenris?" Cody's face split into a wide grin, which only made me feel worse. "Jeez, long time no see, Wolfie!"
         "Hey, Cody!" Fenris grinned. Then his expression turned serious. "A few things. First, Angel was kidnapped by the hunters. Second, I can't believe you called me Wolfie and please never call me that again. And third... can I join your group? I never want to go back to Tab! I want to rebel against him! Please?"
         "Sure!" Cody laughed. "You and Angel get along, don't you? I sense tension between you two."
         "No," I spat. "I hate Fenris, but he doesn't seem to be able to take a hint!" I screamed, my voice rising higher than I had planned on.
         "Well you'll get to like him," Cody said tenderly. "Just give him a chance. I'm letting him join our group and I want you two to make friends by the end of our mission."
         "Okay," Fenris said chipperly.
         "I doubt that that'll happen, but whatever," I said coldly.
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