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This is a dream (warning or reminder) of what is to come and to prepare.
May 28{/b

On May 28th between 4am and 6am I had a dream.  I knew it was between those times because I woke up early in the morning and got out of bed to look at the clock and the time was 3:57am.  Then I went back to sleep and received this in a dream.

I was walking up a very large hill. It was so tall that the top was invisible as was the bottom. There were many people walking up the hill on the wide paved road but still it was not completely full. The road narrowed the higher we went. I kept walking up the hill, the destination unknown, and talking with some people. Then some military persons began making their way up the hill, but they were just barely in site, so they must have been pretty far down the hill at this point.

The group began to talk about military ranks.  I could remember petty officer and some others but no one could figure out the order.  Another plateau came in to site ahead as I
looked back down the hill there were two small plateaus that leveled out a little but were not very level or long. Approaching the next area I could not see if it was a plateau or the top of the hill, if it was a large plateau that was going to give us level ground to walk on for a little while.  That thought came to my mind when a group of military personnel came through and passed us by.  They had someone in charge leading the way but the whole group was focused and moving as one marching up the hill.  It seemed like they knew where they were going.  Then behind me I could see two military men carrying a long heavy ladder up the hill.  And there was a military leader in a motorized cart that looked to be encouraging people to keep going up the hill. It looked like the cart had a large container or containers of water in the back. 

I began to look forward again and talk with those close to me. Then people walking up the hill began to talk about angels. I do not recall exactly what they were saying but I felt like Roma Dowing in "Touched by an Angel" on a mission from God to do his work but did not know what I was to do yet but at peace and coming closer to the plateau.  Then I was bumped from behind it was the motorized cart, my pace increased.  The officer who was standing in the cart looked different now.  He was wearing a navy blue sports coat and his hair was dark brown and a little longer.  Not long but short and groomed but not as short as the crew cut he had earlier. He had a nice smile.  He apologized for bumping me and said that he should have motioned to me so that I could have moved out of the way. And that the next time they are about to pass me he would motion to me.  I told him it would be better for him to whistle because I would not see him motioning me from behind.

I now was walking fast and focused up the hill toward the plateau along with many that I had been walking with.  Was we walked the young military men carrying the ladder passing by us.  The ladder was one of those ladders that you pull at the ends to extend it to its full length.  All of the military people seemed young I would think most were in their early twenties or very close to it.  The ladder nicked the ground a couple of times as it passed us.  I was almost to the plateau now.  I still could not tell if it was the top of the hill or a plateau or how large it was.  The paved road was getting more crowded and the road was becoming increasingly narrow as we went up the hill.  The men with the ladder had reached the top I was wondering what they were going to do with the ladder as I took steps toward the plateau or level area.  It was kind of cloudy; I could see a foundation.  There were very large square stonewalls.  I could not see how high they were but there were two corners and a tunnel between them.  The tunnel was almost as wide as the road.  It seemed to be green with grass and trees at the end of the tunnel and it was sunny. The tunnel was not long about a block or two with lights along the upper part of the walls. I could see people walking through the tunnel and out of the tunnel on the other side. 

As I made my last steps on to the level ground to my left and not very far off of the narrow road the ground began to explode up ward.  Straight up!  Dirt, rock, and mud all of this dark brown earth was exploding straight up, so much and so fast!  There was such a wind made by the speeding earth that people were turning themselves away from the wind.  The clouds above us changed to a thickness the sky could not hold and then the clouds began to fall on us, on me.  A cloud fell on my neck it was heavy and binding it took some effort to get it off of me.  The part of the earth that was exploding upward stopped; none of the earth came back down.  I could see people all over walking up the hillside from many different directions. 

I walked near the edge of the hole in the ground it was deep; there was a room completely clean with not a spot of dirt or dust on it.  The floor was black and white tile in a checkerboard pattern.  There was a fireplace at the end of the room on the right, in front of me, and mauve walls behind.  There were one or two sage colored armchairs at the opposite end, the left side beneath me.  I said we have to start praising God.  And we began to sing, one by one people began to go in and we sang a song that praised and worshipped God and invited his presence. 

Then I said "this is the beginning of the end.  If you have not made Jesus the Lord of our life do so now. Your children call them and pray with them. Use your cell phones some of them may still work. Use pay phones some of them may still work. Use landline phones some of them may still work but call them. Some of them may not be home leave a message.  If they do not come home do not worry they may already be with the Lord who has taken them to Heaven to protect them from what is about to happen.  If they are home tell them about Jesus and what he wants to do in their lives.  Tell them they are going to see things on TV that are deceiving but to listen to what you are telling them and ask them to remember it. Because the anti-christ has come to deceive people and lead them away from God, just like this place, this room below us is a deception and the anti-christ will speak here it is his platform and it will be aired on TV to lead people down the wrong path.  Do not be deceived or lead astray by what will be said or what you will see". 

There seemed to be people making their way down to the room and looking around it. I believe that was what the ladder was going to be used for, to get to the room below and investigate it.  I hope more people prayed, called their children, and kept making their way up the hill then head down into the pit.
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