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Maybe freedom does equal anarchy.
Slaves to Money

So, you think you are free, think again. Most Americans are slaves to money and to banks. If you are buying a house, you are paying banks a lot of interest, as are most of those with nice cars, and a lot of other things get put on plastic. Most of us have bank accounts and we pay fees to use your own money. We also pay taxes, much of that tax goes to pay interest on loans, because Democrats and Republicans in government both spend like drunken sailors. We have been conditioned to think this is normal. It is a trap and most of us are caught in it. People stress over their credit rating, as if it defines them as a person.

The average American spends a large percent of their income on interest, especially when you factor in taxes collected, to pay interest on the 14 trillion dollar debt. Between 20-25 % of all income tax collected, goes toward interest on this debt. Most of this interest goes to banks, mainly the Federal Reserve, and who do you think controls these banks? Banks follow their own set of rules and the odds are always stacked in their favor. They take no risk, like a real business, or like the people and business's they prey on. They are vultures, they know most people have to deal with them, and therefore, they can treat us like shit. Have you ever been treated like shit by a bank?

Banking is huge business and we are their slaves, much more so than the generations before us. As a business owner I have to deal with banks. I can not cash a check made out to my business, without a bank account, it's the law. I can deposit it into my account though. A man that used to work for me refused to use banks, so to cash his checks he had to pay a fee. He always asked for a receipt and they refused. He wanted to use it for tax deduction reasons. When I questioned my bank, they informed me that they did not have to give him a receipt, legally. I guess their is no record of this money. Do you think they are paying tax on all those fees they collect. When I asked if they could just cash his check for free, they said "no". I guess that's what he gets for not having an account. They were going to make money on him one way or another. As a business man, if I refused to give receipts to customers, I'm sure I would hear about it from some agency.

Now, let's look at the Federal Reserve (FED), which by the way is privately owned, most people don't realize this. They print our money, as much as they want, providing they lend it out (charging interest). There has not been gold to back up the money they print since 1971. They control interest rates and they answer to no one, not even Congress. The FED was set up, with Congress's approval in 1913, began loaning money to the federal government and others. Who owns the FED, you ask? Research it and you'll find the Rothschild's, Rockefeller's, J.P. Morgan & Co., Bank of England (also privately owned), and the list goes on. These are the men that truly run the world and it's leaders. Politicians love to spend more than they can collect in taxes and the Federal Reserve is more than happy to lend them money, by simply printing it.

Capitalism in theory is a great thing, you work harder than the next guy, you get more. It inspires people to excel, to invent and to make life better. However, Capitalism always seems to expand, creating bubbles that pop, leading to recessions and depressions. At this point, some think socialism looks good, but socialism inspires laziness, and it ruins the spirit to achieve greatness, because it takes away the reward. I see nothing wrong with being rich, if you work your ass off, and are smart about it, you deserve wealth. People should be pissed at government, banks, and other corrupt institutions. It seems many are pissed at the rich and want wealth redistribution. This will not solve our problems, nor is it fair, because not all wealth is evil, neither are all corporations or individuals.

A perfect example of wealth redistribution gone bad is the so-called stimulus plan. Bankers and Wall Street were bailed out and money even went overseas. The scheme failed to fix the economy and drove us deeper in debt. The money should of been spent fixing bridges, roads, damns and other infrastructure, thus creating real jobs. A real stimulus plan that puts people to work could help the economy, but using tax money to fund it would not benefit banks, and they pull the strings behind the scenes.

Maybe, what we need a little anarchy to shake things up, My grandfather was an anarchist, in my opinion, although he never claimed to be one. He paid taxes, worked hard, and he got ahead. Then, when he was in his thirties, he quit his union welding job. He bought a some land with a house and a few small buildings. He started working for most of the farmers in the area. He welded, he rebuilt engines and he made things out of metal. He grew his own food and he always worked for cash, or bartered. He never paid income tax again, nor did he deal with banks. He worked till he was quite old, almost until he passed away. He felt income tax was unfair and that the federal government was a joke. He always said, "they are all a bunch of liers". So, he quit paying the bastards, as he would say. He was more an anarchist than any of those that put on masks and break windows.

Technically, bartering is illegal. We are required to report and pay tax on these deals. Of course, failure to report and pay income tax is, if not the law, still required, just ask those in Jail. The only way to stop being a slave to money, is to stop participating. Do you think my grandfather lost any sleep over his new way of life? I wish I had followed in his footsteps, when I was a younger man. Oh well, like they say, it's never to late!

-Joe Motor
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