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Sex ed from a pervert...
      "I love the atmosphere here. It's so clean and energizing." Fey spun about.
  After many decades of searching the stars; a pristine Earth like planet was
  found just behind the Sun. It was called planet 10 and  was in an identical
  orbit to Earth. The Sun had blocked it from our astronomers. Fey was part of
  the colonization .. She was only 17. "Yah! It is very sweet!" Johan shouted
  and grabbed Fey in a passionate kiss. Fey scowled and pushed away.
  "This isn't a beach party! We are here to explore and enrich our sponsors."
  Fey snipped.
      LIETUVA was a massive vessel with plasma fusion drive. They would be the
  vanguard of Prussian space exploration. "How many sponsors do we have?"
  Sasha queried. Sasha was the biologists. She was 27. Fey rolled her eyes,
  "Oh.. a bunch." Johan was an astronaut and just turned 19. Fey was a breeder.
  Although she thought of herself as an astronaut/pioneer. She had gone through an
  astronaut six month training program. But, she only had a grade school education.
  "I am going to look for edible food." Sash said. "Isn't the sky blue!" Trina remarked.
  Trina was a prostitute. It was deemed necessary to have one on every mission.
  The male astronauts required frequent sexual massages. Trina was 20.
      The second male astronaut was Venhaus .. He was 24. His expertise was
  mechanical and navigation. Rea did cart wheels down the ramp onto the beach
  "Weeeeeeee!" She was a breeder and just turned 16. Fey made a serious face.
  "This is not a party! We are here do serious work!" Fey scolded Rea. Rea stuck
  out her tongue at Fey. Then, she did a skinny dip into the sea. "Oh, my God!
  Get out! Get out of the water!" Sasha screamed. Rea surfaced and stepped up
  onto the beach. "What?" Rea asked. "We don't know if the water is toxic."
  Sasha answered and took samples .. "Go inside and take a sonic shower."
  Sasha voice was cold and foreboding. "Well...(sniff)..the airs okay." Rea
  answered timidly. "We have tested the air for bacteria. Go quickly and shower!"
  Sasha slapped Rea' naked white butt. Rea ran inside.
      "I will assist her." Johan said. "No you wont! Trina! Take care of Johan." Sasha
  commanded. Trina removed her space suit and slowly removed Johan's.
  They made love on the beach. Venhaus assembled the hover craft. The hover
  craft used the magnetic field of the planet to hover. They called it Bubbles.
  Karena was the oldest. She had several degrees: geology, marine biology, and
  eugenics. She was 35. She was still a beautiful tall athletic woman. The girls
  called her "Gramah." "Hmm. You should allow Johan to bond with Rea. It will
  further our goals here: to make a new Prussia on this new world." Karena
  spoke like a machine. Sasha looked angrily at her, "Do you not think about
  the dynamics of such unstructured mating?" Karina smiled and said with ice
  cold blue arian eyes, "We are a tribe. Where is Dieter?"
      Deta was hiding in the ship. She clung to her pillow in her cot. Sasha asked
  Johan to find her. He was still erect and was reluctant to leave Trina.
  Sasha entered the ship and found her. "Dieter. You must complete your mission."
  she commanded and took the girl's hand. Dieter was 15. Dieter walked down
  the ramp with Sasha, holding her hand. Dieter was the empath. She had been
  breed for her ability to read minds. "I sense danger." she whispered. Trina zipped
  up her space suite, "Oh, shit." An empath, certified by the state, was never wrong.
  "I showered." Rea said .. and walked down the ramp pouting. "Is it Rea?"
  Sasha asked Dieter. "What? Is it?" Rea asked nervously. Dieter shook her head
  yes. Her eyes were as wide and blue as a hawk. "Quarantine!" Sasha shouted.
  Rea was quickly put in a body wrap with a ventilator. Rea was panicking, but she
  was strapped tight.
      "I want all bodily fluids analyzed and sterilized." Sasha shouted as the
  Doctor began his dissection. Doctor Rustle was a genius at only 22.
  "This will take sometime .. We don't know if the infection is biological."
  he said through his haz-mat uniform. He was an American and NASA trained.
  Dieter whispered into Sasha's ear. Sasha shouted, "It is an alien species!
  It entered her vaginally when she was swimming!" Doctor Rustle strode over
  to Sasha. "I can't find it without gutting her." he said cupping his words into
  her right ear. Sasha nodded affirmative: "Dieter is this contagious?"
  Dieter whispered back to Sasha to stay out of the water. "Let Rea live."
  Sasha ordered and Rea stood up naked and shaking. "Rea you will remain
  outside the ship in a tent. We will observe your progress." Karena said
  and ordered that Rea remain naked.
      "How many breeders do we have?" Venhaus asked Sasha. Sasha took
  her time answering, "Four.. if you include me and Karena." Venhaus suppressed
  a laugh. Karena took Dieter's hands and looked deep into the girls eyes.
  "Is the alien species intelligent?" Karena asked. Dieter nodded yes and
  whispered she wanted to go back to her cot. Karina told Dieter to stay with
  the group. Dieter sat on a chair and stared at the waves breaking on the beach.
  Johan sat down beside her. "It is beautiful!" he said and kissed her hand.
  She shook her head no and an ice cold shiver came over Johand. He fell back
  and ran over to Trina. "I hate emphaths." Trina said, staring at Dieter.

  to be continued....

                                        Alternative Lifestyles

      There had been much blood spilled over religious and political differences.
  The crew was the vanguard of a new multicultural world order. Sexuality was
  understood as a fundamental basis of political solidarity. Only the physically
well being and social mandate would be tolerated sexually. The age of a citizen
was tracked and terminated if nonproductive. Why perpetuate defects?
Karena was the peoples social representative.  Her primary goal was to establish
a culturally healthy colony of planet 10. Sasha was in command of the mission.
Venhaus was the architect/engineer. Teenage girls were brought for breeding,
since they would be the hardiest frontier stock. It was paramount that the breeding
be successful. Rea could jeopardize the mission.
      Rea knew this. She had been educated on eugenics. Rea sat in her tent
performing her daily sonic baths. She nibbled on her energy oatmeal. She felt
she was a failure and a danger to the people's mission; to be prosperous.
Rea considered suicide. Then, her belly grew in a matter of days. She was
obviously pregnant, but she was a virgin. Her virginity was certified.
Karena monitored the pregnancy along with Doc Rustle. Sasha was scouting
the only continent on this new blue planet. It was the size of Australia.
There was no animal life and little vegetation. It would need to be farmed.
"The soil is volcanic and rich in nitrogen, but there is only grass and bushes."
Sasha remarked to Karena; "Has there been any progress in Rea?"
Karena smiled, "She has produced an alien."

                Sasha jumped forward, "An alien?! Why didn't you call me?"

                Karena smiled, "It was not necessary the alien is a turtle."

        Rea walked up to the two the women, arguing on the beach. She pointed
to the sea, "My baby crawled into the sea." Rea laughed and did a backward
cartwheel. "Go to your tent." Sasha commanded. Rea snapped to attention and
turned in military fashion, walking goose step to her tent: naked. Sasha sighed,
"Is she free of infection?" Karena did not know, she said she would continue to
monitor Rea. Trina approached ... "Ah? Can you tell me what we are going to
do here?" Sasha slapped Trina across the face,  "You are a whore. Fuck!"
Trina was not rattled,  "If this planet is toxic, then the mission has failed."
Sasha glared at Trina. "Comrade. The mission must not fail. The Earth is
dieing." Karena answered slowly and brushed back Trina's hair with a gentle
hand. "I have noticed the neutrino levels are high." Sasha said to Karena.
"Ah! That could explain Rea's cross species birth. Perhaps we have arrived
in a early stage in evolution?" Karena speculated.

                "We could be the missing link on Planet 10." Doc. Rustle said.

    Reflections: "And Cain knew his wife; and she conceived, and bare Enoch:
                      and he builded a city, and called the name of the city, after the
                      name of his son, Enoch." (Genesis 4:17)


                                        <Intruders and Antibodies>

          What is life? I asked you can you explain who you are? Many people
          identify themselves with there work and their social network. What if
          life was simply about bacteria? This little band of Prussians were trying
          to infuse a new life on planet 10; a colony of humans. The planet had
          no defense, except its alien viruses. Sasha knew the ships water and
          food rations would be depleted soon. They had to farm and process the
          seawater into drinkable freshwater. Rea was healthy even after her mutant
          birth. Sasha ordered Vanhaus to construct a distilling of the alien salt
          water. The missions survival depended on it.

          Rea was obsessed with returning to the sea. She wanted to swim with her
          turtle. Of course, Sasha forbid it and had a restraining collar strapped about
          Rea's throat. If Rea tried to break out of the ships base of operation she
          would be tasered. Rea was studied for any change in her DNA or appearance.
          "Karena we should allow Rea to mate with Johan." Dr. Rustle said;
          "In vetro fertilization of course. We don't want to risk infecting our stud."
          Karena looked at Rea pacing back an forth. She agreed to the experiment.
          Rea's pregnancy was rapid. A male child was produced in less than two
          months. He was mutant with gills. Rea called him Tzu after the Zen master.
          Tzu was allowed to swim. He brought up many crustaceans, but no turtles.

          Everyone was drinking the distilled seawater and crops were harvested.
          The growth of the crops were rapid as was Tzu. In less than a year he was
          a young male amphibian. "His language skills are basic. He is reading at
          his age level." Karena remarked. She was the teacher.

                            "I like the sea more." Tzu said.

                            "You can walk on land and be with us." Karena answered.

          Karena rewarded Tzu with beats from the farm. She stroked his black hair
          with a brush. He liked to be groomed. "I like the beats." Tzu smiled. His
          teeth were edged like shark teeth. He could eat the shells of the crustaceans.
          Rea was nervous around her son and spent little time with him. Tzu would
          embrace his naked mother. Rea dislike this and pushed Tzu away.
          Johan remarked on how strong Tzu was for his age.

                            "Yes. This is the life cycle of a sea creature. He may
                    not live past five seasons." Karena remarked in her audio notes;
                    "Can this amphibian sustain our legacy?"

          Fey had successful reproduced a normal daughter from her union with
          Vanhaus. The girl was called Pi after the symbol of infinity. Pi grew in
          a normal pattern and began her education with Karena upon her second
          year. Tzu appeared to be an adult male by this time. But, his learning
          was at level three. Pi exhibited good reading skills and enjoyed finger
          painting. Rea continued to produce amphibian offspring: her female
          amphibian she called Xin. This was Chinese for new. Upon her first
          menstruation Tzu began mating with Xin. Xin was one year of age and
          Tzu three years. Karena allowed this to see how rapidly the species
          could evolve. It took only a month for Xin to produce three offspring in
          one birthing. It was clear the amphibians would be the dominant species.
          But, their learning skills were slow. They still possessed strong hunting
          skills. Pi was four when Tzu died. Karena had predicted his life cycle
          accurately. Pi said a prayer for Tzu. Xin wailed for hours over his body.
          Xin would not let anyone touch him and took Tzu back into the sea.
          She returned a few days later happy and pregnant. Her daughters had
          no males. Xin bore three males in one birthing. The daughters took them
          as nurse maids. Karina was astonished at this alien tribe. She knew the
          males would be mature enough to mate in less than a year.

                      "Look I hate to say this, but were stranded here.
                  What are we going do when Xin's family starts to over run
                  this island?" Doc Russte asked Sasha and Karena.

                  "They are sea creatures. They will stay in the sea."
                  Karena answered. She had developed an admiration for
                  the amphibians.

                  "Now is the time to strike, while their numbers are smaller."
                  Sasha answered looking about for any spies.

                    "I have educated them. They will be loyal to our mission.
                    Perhaps, they are our only hope for survival." Karena spied
                    Rea in the captain's cabin doorway. She ran off.

                    "Johan activate the taser!" Sasha ordered.

          Rea did not respond. She was defending her children. She reached Xin
          and explained the danger at the camp. Xin saw the burn on Rea's neck
          and ripped the collar off with both hands. The collar was made of steel.
          "Great mother we must leave you. But, we will return." Xin said.
          Her children fled into the sea, before Johan could reach them.
          He fired at the night ocean waves, hitting nothing. Johan dragged Rea
          back to the ship. There was only one reason to keep Rea alive.
          They dared not anger her children.


                                                    Happiness Is?

                      Neither Sasha or Karena had children. They were too dedicated
            to the mission's operation. Karena thought of her students as her children.
            Sasha thought the construction of the Lietuva village was her primary
            purpose. Dieter was 22 and preferred to be impregnated through in vitro
            fertilization "I can feel what blood lust men have. It disgusts me."
            Dieter spent little time with her children and meditated. Fey had 24
            children only 3 were males. Trina had twins. One was a son Thor.
            Her daughter Tanja was empathic. Vanhaus had converted the plasma
            engine into a power source for the village .. The village was lit at night.
            There was a freshwater well pump and indoor plumbing. The tribe of
            Prussians had an outer defense of a plasma field barrier. It could be
            intensified to vaporize any intruder.

                    Rea spent her days in communication with her children at
            the beach. Karena tried to preserve a Prussian culture in them.
            They called themselves Rean. Rea had many children, numbering
            thousands. She would mate with the strongest males. Karena thought
            this practice to be savage. But, she could do nothing to stop it.
            Rea was now 23 and Karena 42. "Great mother is it not time to build
            our own city?" Toa asked. He was a strong amphibian male. Rea agreed.
            But, Karena would not allow the Reans into the village.

                    "You will build your city on the edge of the sea out of stone."
            Rea decreed. The village of Reans was built only a kilometer from the
            Lietuva. That was so Rea could walk the distance. Karena relayed the
            construction of the primitive city to Sasha. Sasha was not happy,
            "They could attack us at anytime." Sasha wanted to keep the Reans
            in the sea. About this time a new island appeared. It seemed to be
            floating and then disappeared. Rea asked her children to investigate.
            They said the island was a giant turtle. Rea shed tears of joy. She had
            found her first son, Titan. Rea was a strong swimmer, but could not
            catch a turtle. She asked Vanhaus to fly her to Titan in the shuttle
            Bubbles. Vanhaus agreed, but told Rea not to leave the shuttle. It was too

                  Titan's shell was as large as the Lietuva space ship. It was half
            the size of the village. Rea called out the shuttle window "Titan!"
            The giant turtle raised its head and looked directly at Rea. Vanhaus
            kept the hover craft a safe distance in the air above Titan. The turtle
            remained transfixed on Rea. Rea shouted again, "Come to me!"
            She waved her arms. The turtle followed. Vanhaus flew the shuttle
            to a remote beach, many Reans swam along with Titan. Titan beached.
            The turtle was slow on land. Toa asked Rea if they could eat it. Rea
            was shocked and forbid any harm to her first son. Rea ran up to Titan
            to embrace him. The giant turtle tried to eat her. She dodged its bite.
            "Titan!" she shouted. The turtle moved slowly back into the sea and
            disappeared under the water. Rea fell to her knees sobbing. Toa held her.
            "I think you should come back to the village." Vanhaus said to Rea.
            He was surrounded by Reans. Rea told him to go. She needed more time
            with her children. Vanhaus left .. "Rea's loyalty is weakening." he reported
            to Sasha.

            Reflections: Are you a citizen first or a parent?


                                                  A Covenant of Love

                Karena saw potential in Titan. But, how could she reach the turtle?
      Somewhere, in the sea there was a giant turtle with human DNA.
      Karena consulted Dieter. Dieter disliked animals more than men. Karena
      insisted that Dieter go to Rea and help her communicate with her turtle.
      Dieter went with Vanhaus in the hover craft to meet Rea. She was not pleased
      to see thousands of Reans. "This is horrible! What a stink!" Dieter said as
      Bubbles descended amongst the Reans. "Oh? My little sister. Karena
      radioed you were coming." Rea approached Dieter naked with open arms.
      "Please! Stay back you reek of fish." Dieter gasped and covered her nose.
      "You must embrace me or my children will be angered." Rea smiled.
      Dieter looked at the closing circle of Reans and swallowed hard.
      They embraced. "Now, remove your jump suite." Rea gave a toothy smile..
      "I will not! This place is infected. Do you want my help?" Dieter glared .
      Vanhaus walked up behind Dieter and whispered, "I can only fire my gun
      once, then we will be overwhelmed." Dieter removed all of her garments.

                "Rea I warn you! I will erase your mind, if one these monsters
                touch me." Dieter's threat was real. A government empath could
                kill with their minds.

                Rea surmised Dieter's hairless vagina, "Do you wax?"

      Vanhaus stepped forward, "Let's get to work and find your turtle."
      Dieter made Rea take a sonic shower, before she would touch her.
      The empath ran her hands over Rea to find her strongest shatrath ..
      it was her hairy mound. Dieter grimaced. She grabbed hold and put
      forth her other hand toward the waters. Titan surfaced. The images in the
      turtle's mind were jumbled. Dieter asked why Titan tried to eat Rea.
      The answer was a longing to make more turtles. It was obvious Titan
      needed a mate. Rea smiled widely and broke free of Dieter. She lept into
      sea and climbed on the turtles back rutting on the spines of it's massive tail ..
      Titan moved further away from shore. Vanhaus and Dieter safely made it
      back to the hover craft. "Should we try to rescue her?" Dieter asked.
      "There are 50 thousand Reans waiting for her." Vanhaus replied.

                The turtle sounded. Vanhaus submerged the hover craft.
      Incredibly Rea did not appear to be drowning. Suddenly, she turned and
      swam over to the hover craft, entering through the air chamber.
      "That was delightful." Rea remarked through the speaker phone. Titan
      turned about, rising up behind the hovercraft. Vanhaus put Bubbles in
      full throttle. "He's just following. He wont hurt me." Rea made a wicked
      smile and rubbed her hairy mound. "I think I will throw up." Dieter said.
      Vanhaus had the hovercraft airborne and landed near Lietuva village.
      "You can walk back!" Dieter snapped. Dieter could not put her clothes
      back on. They reeked of fish. She stomped back into base camp naked.
      The villagers applauded. Vanhause waved with a smile and flew Rea
      back to her tribe. "Do you think the turtle impregnated you?" he asked.
      Rea looked down at the green fields, "Yes. Have you wondered why there
      are no trees?" Vanhaus shrugged indifferent.

                The Reans cheered at the sight of Rea. She was surrounded as
      many Reans tried to touch her for a blessing. Vanhaus never left the
      hovercraft. He was air born minutes after she left. He could see Rea
      carried on their shoulders. She was there God and mother.

      Reflections: Must natural law yield to moral precepts? Nature is what
                        God orders. But, who can know the mind of God?

                                          * Chain Prayer *

      Rea was of Prussian birth. Her parents had raised her Roman Catholic.
      She had hoped to be a civil servant and have a happy marriage and family.
      Her pursuit of a career in government service had postponed her
      dreams of family life. Her mother had told her there was always a
      danger from society.

                            Rea had not felt such purpose in her life before.   
                            She was laying hundreds of turtle eggs.
                            Every night she would dig a hole in the moist
                            sand on the shore and squat her eggs out.
                            The Reans would help her bury them.

      She did not know what would hatch out. The night ritual was all
      she could believe in. The hatching began on her 12th lay of eggs.
      Strange armored humanoid hatchlings slivered up. They looked like
      human babies with armored chests and tortoise shell backs.
      The beach filled with crawling babies; some went directly into the
      sea. Others circle around in confusion. Rea and the Reans took
      them into the water. It was clear that not all of the tortoise babies
      would survive. Rea wept for her many dieing and dead babies
      floating in the surf. She tried to gather them up and give them a
      burial. How many were lost? Should she have kept them in her
      village? These questions tormented her.

      Rea prayed over her dead turtles .. Why had they been born so
      different from Titan? She prayed and asked that her prayer be
      passed on to every Rean. 50 thousand Reans prayed that Rea's
      babies would return to her. There chanting could be heard in the
      Lietuva camp. Karena kept her monitors focused and recording.
      She had hidden many listening and video devices in the Rean
      village. Karena sat in her quarters on board the space ship
      watching her screens and typing notes.

                "Can this race be trusted?" her telestream prompted .
      NASA's lunar base was in constant communication with her.
      She was the cultural liaison for Earth's colonization of Planet 10.
      Karena typed, "No."


                                        The Ideal Conscience

      Dieter could not sleep. A flood of images had waken her.
      She informed the commander that Lietuva was sinking...
      Sasha immediately called Vanhaus for a geological evaluation.
      Karena had already called for reinforcements .. The long ship
      Soris orbited their village. It had cattle and a plasma gun that could
      vaporize the Reans. "Is this premonition verified?" asked the captain of
      the Soris. Karena could not verify it, but Dieter was never wrong.
      The captain continued to unload his supplies.

      Vanhaus studies the cliffs along the southern coast of Lietuva.
      They were layered with fossils. But, he could not find evidence of rapid
      extinction or geological instability. Johan took the hover craft down to the
      seabed .. There he found many volcanic vents. Johan reported that the
      continent of Lietuva was a dormant volcano. Sasha and Karena were frantic.
      Dieter sat with them at the round table in the Lietuva meeting hall.
      "I cannot say when Lietuva will fall, but it will sink." Dieter said calmly.
      Sasha beat the table with her fists, "All these years! Wasted!" She was a soldier
      first and could not except defeat. Vanhaus put his hands behind his head.
      "It could take thousands of years." he yawned and stretched.
      "You have drawn pictures of a flood. But, the faces are reptilian." Karena
      studied Dieter's drawings, "Is this an event that happened in the past?"

      Dieter stood before them with her hands outstretched. There were scales
      on them. "We are all infected by this planets bacteria. We will become like
      the Reans. We will live in the sea." she raised her hands in Christ like fashion.
      Karena asked Doc Rustle to quarantine Dieter. Sasha asked for a mental
      evaluation. Doc Rustle had noted a slight change in eye retinas: a thickening
      of the skin texture in the villagers. But, he had not considered DNA damage ..
      A thorough DNA scan of every Lietuva was ordered by Sasha.

      Dieter spoke from an isolation chamber, "There is no nobler existence, then
      to be executed or transformed at any moment."


                                                  Blessed Be

          What is in a name? The ancient Hebrews did not see the distinction
      in taking the name of God or God. To them the name was God.
      Dieter had always been religious. She believed herself to be a prophet.
      She knew the name of God was sacred and had transformed into
      a serpent woman. Her skin was emerald green and her eyes as black as
      a cobra. She was the knowledge giver; the serpent in Eden. Perhaps,
      she could be God's instrument? "Elie!" she cried out the name of God.
      The walls of her prison fell. She walked in the night to the Rean camp.

          Rea was waiting with open arms..."Now, you see with new eyes."
      Rea said. Behind Rea were giant turtle people. They stood 10 to 15 meters
      high and had armored chests. Their tortoise shells had fallen away.
      But, they kept them as shields strapped to their backs... Dieter raised
      her hands in Christ like fashion, "It is time for a new reckoning."

              "Dieter ah di-di un Ra chet-tana." a giant turtle said.

      The tortoise' gender was internalized .. It's language animalistic.
      "Can you understand them?" Rea asked. Dieter answered,

              "Ah Ra echey oost da-da Titan."

      The turtle giants walked slowly back into the sea. Rea looked for some
      humanity in Dieter's face. There was nothing but a reptile's smile.
      "Do not be afraid. They go to Titan. I need his knowledge of the sea."
      Dieter answered. "I will not betray the mission." Rea stated.
      Dieter looked at her for several minutes and then, "The mission is
      to survive." Rea bowed her head in obedience. She could sense the
      power of her mind.+

                                There is nothing without God

      The long ship Soros anchored off the coast of Lietuva. Captain Norry
      studied the geological survey of the only land mass on planet 10.
      "I've lived a long life. A this time in my life; I place my people above
      all else. I can tell you my ships had detected no tremors in or around
      the continent. "It is solid ground." Captain Norry drove his fist into the
      round table. Sasha agreed. Vanhaus was skeptical, "Why are there no
      trees?" "It is too early in this worlds evolution for trees." Thor said.
      Thor had grown into a strong man. He was studying architecture.
      Karena cleared her throat, "The Reans have left the land and are building
      a city under a reef on the southern region. Do they know better?"

      "This expedition was begun, because of super volcanic eruptions.
      It is possible this planet's core is also effected by solar neutrinos.
      We must have an alternative plan to assure our survival." Karena sipped
      her tea. "May I speak?" Tanja asked. Sasha waved a beckoning hand to
      the round table. "I have been in prayer and fasting on this most important
      question. We must build a city on the sea. This land will sink into a fiery
      hole. God told me so." Tanja bowed her head respectfully. Sasha smiled
      a finished her flask of beer. "Alright. I will relay all of this to central command."
      she said; "And may God have mercy on us." Sasha beat her flask on the
      table like a gavel. Tanja' smile was wide eyed with hope. Thor grab his sister
      by the shoulder and shook her. "You will pray for us!" he said loudly, waving
      his flask of beer about. Tanja gave a toothy smile and nodded yes to everyone.
      She was very slender and had bright blue eyes.

      Captain Norry expressed his concerns about a floating city in his report.
      He did not believe it would be sustainable, without freshwater and
      vegetables. "Saltwater conversion has its limits." he wrote. Sasha dismissed
      the need for an alternative settlement. Karena thought it would be prudent.
      Tanja submitted her drawings of Lietuva on fire. She was a certified empath.
      It would be sometime before they heard a response from the central
      committee. It was a multinational conglomerate and had many share holders.
      Sasha wrote to Trina, who had returned to Earth to be a corporate prostitute.
      She asked if she could help persuade the survival of project planet 10.
      Trina wrote she "Would tickle their interests." Tanja prayed for her mother.

      Reflections: What is it that drives us? Even science which claims it is
      objective is financed by commercial investors. Can we trust ourselves?
      Human actions are impulsive and fanciful .. Government is corrupted by
      special interests and vanity. Faith is not concrete. People can believe
      anything. It is the everlasting law of nature that rules infinite demands.
      There is only so much water and food. How much oil is there?
      How much time do we have?


                                                Subtle Matter

          Something is factually true when it stands on its own merit.
          Kurt Bushe was a claims adjuster. His opinion of Lietuva was
          negative. "It is the nearest habitable planet. But, the colonist
          are mutating and the land is unstable. We must focus on
          the preservation of our investment. Terminate the colonist
          and export the natural resources to Earth."

    It has been said that murder is a private affair. When it is
    for profit it is War. So began the extermination of Lietuva.
    Men, women and children were burned from an orbiting plasma
    cannon. There was nothing left, but scorched earth. Miraculously,
    the Reans escaped. They could hide in the sea. Tanja wept as she
    flew over the burnt remains of her village. She had grown wings as
    had her brother Thor and many other Lietuvans. The rest had perished.
    Tanja's mother was furious.

                    Trina was a very powerful prostitute. She had many influential
                    friends. It was said that men would pay to have sex with her
                    dead body. .. She did not know her children had escaped.
                    "I want that claims adjuster dead! How dare they murder my
                    children?!" Trina shouted and cursed at the President of
                    UNICORN. Trina collapsed between his legs. Josh smoked
                    his Tiparillo slowly. "This is business. You knew the risks.
                    Your children were infected by that alien water. .. Your my
                    favorite .. Don't spoil things." Josh spoke while puffing on his
                    cigar. Trina had her mouthful, working with Josh's package.

    "It isn't fair!" Tanja shouted as she glided though the air. Thor laughed,
    "This world is mad. Don't try to make sense out of it." He soared around
    and landed on the southern coast line. Tanja followed and bowed her head
    in prayer. "This looks like a good spot." Thor announced that this coast
    would be New Eagles. The Eagle people cheered. Tanja clapped her hands
    and jumped with a toothy smile. "We have many babies!" she exclaimed.
    The Eagle people cheered and soared about. Thor smiled at his sister,
    "I stored seeds in those caves. Will have crops." Tanja giggled and wrapped
    her hands around Thor's neck, kissing him. Thor returned the kiss.

    A new race was born.+

      July 4, 2029

    Reflections: The Unicorn in Hebrew: re'em is mentioned in the Bible;
    "And the unicorns shall come down with them, and the bullocks with
    their bulls; and their land shall be soaked with blood, and their dust made
    fat with fatness." Isaiah 34:7.


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