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Trying to find a simple way to write a game dialogue tree. Go from letter to number.
Are you alright? (A)

(A) Who’s there? (1)
(A) Yeah, I’m okay. (2)
(A) I’m… fine, yes. (3)
(A) My… back hurts. (4)
(A) [Say nothing] (5) {No longer available after one use}

(1, 4) It’s alright, it’s alright. Just lie down for a moment. You were injured. (B)
(2, 3) Glad to hear. Do you think you can move alright? (C)
(5) I heard you wake up. (A)

(B) Was it… at the facility…? (6)
(B, C) It kind of hurts to move much… (7)
(B, C) How did I get hurt? (8)
(C) Yeah, I think I’m just fine. [Lie] (9)

(6) We rescued you from the prison. It wasn’t without casualties. (D)
(7, 8) In your rescue from the prison, you were caught in some… difficult situations. (E)
(9) You’re not. We had to stitch you back together. If you’re feeling pain, don’t hide it. I can’t use a soldier that I don’t know is in top condition. (F)

(D) Casualties… I’m sorry. (10) {No longer available after one use}
(D, E) What was that place? (11)
(D, E) Thank you for rescuing me. It was… terrifying… that laboratory. (12)
(E) I remember seeing men fall. (13)
(E, F) Why did you rescue me? Who am I to you? (14)
(F) A soldier? (15)
(F) You want to use me? (16)

(10) Don’t be. (D)
(11, 12) That was a world that no one should have to be trapped in. Where you were a rat in a cage. (G)
(13) Like I said, casualties. You’re important to us, it was worth the risk. (H)
(14 - 19) I need you. We need you. Out of everyone living under the thumb of those people, out of everyone who’s escaped it and struggles to survive in this haunting wasteland, you have what is needed to win. (I)

(G, H) Why am I important to you? (17)
(G, H) I’m just a kid. (18)
(G, H) Why me? (19)
(I) … I’m going back to sleep. (20)
(I) You’ve got the wrong person. (21)
(I) I need to recover first. (22)
(I) I don’t want to do anything anymore. (23)

(20 ) No, you aren’t. There isn’t a choice in this matter. We need you. And right now, you need us. (J)
(21) No, I don’t. You can’t wallow in a bed here either. You’re our only weapon. I’m sorry if it’s hard, but there’s no choice here. (J)
(22) You do. And when you’re recovered? (J)
(23) That’s not a choice you get to make. (J)

(J) … I’ll do it.
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