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Rated: 18+ · Prose · Detective · #1785730
chapters 8, a bit risque
I settled into the easy chair that faced the TV and watched the news. I guess I must have closed my eyes and dozed, as the next I knew my eyes were covered by Trish’s hands. She was telling me that I had to keep them closed and that she had a surprise for me. Hearing this, my curiosity level was almost to the point of exploding and I easily agreed.

I could now sense her movements and could smell her subtle aromatics of woman and ambush perfume (my favorite) as she moved around. When she spoke next she was in front of me and had turned the TV off.

Trish told me I needed to put both hands on the chair’s arms, keep them there, and then open my eyes. Not knowing what to expect I gripped the chair arms and popped open my eyes. My heart just about leapt out of my throat! There in front of me was Trish looking somewhere between an Angel and a Temptress. She was beautiful, wearing an emerald green lace cover over a cream-colored lace teddy.

“Please go along and don’t move until I tell you as I am a little nervous Harry?” she asked.

If she was ‘a little nervous’ then I was having a complete breakdown of my entire nervous system. Not moving was easy as I think I was paralyzed with love, lust, and desire, but perhaps not in that order.

When she felt I would be cooperative Trish slowly began to move, easing toward me and then slowly slipping on to my lap. The coolness of her thigh and buttocks slipping over my bare knees was excruciatingly wonderful. Slowly Trish slid all the way onto my lap, facing sort of to my right and she had both her hands on my shoulders. She slipped her arms around my neck in a nice snug embrace. Her face was nuzzled into my neck.

She whispered “Harry, I remember being nice and warm in your lap one night at the drive-in, only we were both dressed a little different. I also don’t want you to be such a gentleman now.”

My response was to turn my face to hers and seek out her lips with mine. It was the softest, sweetest, hottest kiss I had ever experienced and it seemed to last forever as she melted against me.

As we kissed, Trish’s hands pulled my left arm to encircle her and I placed my right hand to the back of her head. After what could have been hours we broke the kiss and looking into her eyes I told her I loved her and that I have always remembered that date to the drive-in and how much I had wanted her then, and how I wanted her even more now.

We snuggled and kissed for at least an hour, taking our time to slowly work each other into a state of torrid arousal. I slipped my right arm under Trish’s knees and, sliding forward, stood up with her in my arms. Carefully, I walked to the turned-down bed and placed her down gently.

Stepping back I spent a few seconds looking down on this beautiful woman lying before me. This was a sight I had dreamed about but never thought would ever, ever come to be. She took my breath away, just as I had dreamed.

“Now my little one it is your turn to do what I ask. Just lie still and allow me to do what I think you will like. Please answer my questions and enjoy.”

I placed her arms out to her sides and began to kiss her fingers, her left hand, slowly making my way along her arm. I trailed my kisses along her collar bone and down the right arm to those fingers. My lips kissed them and then I suckled each one. I continued to kiss down along her entire body, but didn’t remove any of her clothes. When I got to her feet I held them both and softly licked their bottoms, slipping up to her toes. The first toe that I sucked on got a nice loud, low moan from Trish.

I asked her “Do you really like that?”

Her reply seemed to come from deep inside as she moaned a “Yes”.

“How much?” I asked

“Just keep it up and you’ll find out” was her answer.

With this I continued to kiss up her legs, and over her stomach to her mouth. After kissing my way to her sweet lips and slowly kissing them, I took her shoulders in my hands and sat Trish up in the bed. I untied the bow holding the cover-up on and slipped it off. My hands went to the shoulder straps of her teddy and slowly slid them down her arms. As her skin was bared, I trailed kisses down the center of her chest; very soft, sensual kisses, being very careful to purposely not touch either breast.

I concentrated on Trish’s body, her breathing, and its movements, gauging her excitement. With the teddy at her waist I pushed her back down. Revealing her naval I kissed her tummy and played with her navel “bling”. My hands slid around her sides, under the teddy and to her firm little ass cheeks, gripping them as my tongue and lips caused her tummy to ripple. My hands slid down her legs taking the teddy down until she kicked and it was off. Trish was finally naked.

I stood and gazed down at the woman I had desired for so many years and she looked so much better then even my imagination could have conjured. I had dreamed of this often and was just standing and staring.
My trance was broken when Trish said, “Okay Harry now that I’m warmed up it is your turn to lie on the bed. Get down here!”

With this she held out her arms, and as I sunk down into those arms and onto her body. She quickly rolled us over so she was on top.

“My turn to get you naked” she whispered.

With both of us on the bed this Goddess started to kiss and nibble my neck while her fingers rolled my t-shirt up, baring my stomach and chest. Slowly my body was kissed all over and every piece of clothing was removed except my boxer briefs, which Trish had left on when she had pulled my jeans shorts off. As I lay on the bed, Trish slowly slid her naked body all over mine; she kept telling me that I couldn’t move my hands to touch----yet. I could feel her turgid nipples as they rubbed over and around mine, and Trish was licking my shoulders, neck and now down my chest. She licked and sucked my man-nipples and tongued my navel before she was licking along the top of my thighs.

Slowly I felt my shorts being lowered and a very hot mouth and tongue following them down. This caused me to flex my hips a bit to help and I was rewarded by a sharp nit from Hammer. With excruciating slowness she took off my briefs and when my erection popped up she began to tease it with her breath, tongue and lips. I could hear myself groaning in pleasure as Trish’s hot mouth surrounded me and slowly, softly, slipped along my length. After what felt like forever I could not stand to remain passive and quiet, so I asked my lady to move around so we could at least pleasure each other. It was a very smooth quick move and we were engaged in a sweet ‘69’ that lasted through one small orgasm for her followed by a larger one which made Trish turn and ask if I was ready. My answer was to direct her so my tip entered her vaginal lips followed by me pulling her down onto me.

“You on top first?” I whispered.

“Anyway you want”. She smiled.

“Damn I’m glad you came here.”

“Not yet but soon, very soon.” She answered with a smile.

From slow and sensuous we erupted into a frenzy of motion, only to end suddenly as two intertwined bodies, soaked in each other’s fluids. Our hands sought out the others body caressing, stroking, and rebuilding each other’s sexual fires until we again united.
I’m unsure how often we made love slowly and sensually or the times we just screwed like animals but I do know we fell asleep holding each other.

I awoke still holding my lady. Very slowly I managed to awaken her with well-placed oral stimulation. As the sun rose on this new day I ensured that my lady was newly satisfied.
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