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Chapters 14&15
I knew I had booked a super suite but this bathroom was beyond nice! The commode was separated to one side with a door. There were two sinks with soap dispensers and lotion dispensers and dispensers for stuff I knew nothing about. It had two blow dryers and an assortment of hot irons. The shower-tub was HUGE! It was about six feet by four feet with two-foot sides (a walk-thru) and five shower heads (two hand held). It took me a while but I got all the shower heads spraying and found there was even a fold down bench. But I chose to stand, old fashioned I guess.

I had finished showering and was soaping up my face to shave and looking in the mirror (non-fogging and in the shower) when Trish slid open the door and said “How about I give you a shave?”

Now being of sound mind and Trish being beautifully naked I just said “fantastic”.

So I sat on the bench and Trish stood in front of me as she slowly and gently shaved my face. I just couldn’t understand why she kept telling me to “watch my hands” since they were right in front of me as they explored as much of that naked body as I could reach. As soon as Trish was done I volunteered to wash her but she said all I could do was wash her hair and then to get dry and wait. I happily washed and conditioned her hair and, like the good guy I was trying to be, got out and dried off.

I needed to check on more of my plans any way, so I did have my own ulterior motives. By the time I had everything ready Trish was using the blow dryer and singing. When Trish came out we looked cute in matching silky robes and sharing a set of silk P.J.s. I took her hand and led her to the living area where the screen was replaced with a candle lit table and soft music. I seated Trish, poured her a bit of chilled wine and rang a small bell. We sat and sipped wine, I thanked her for accepting my proposal, and we stared at each other until we started to giggle. After a few moments the door opened and a crew of waiters brought in our hot dinner. I had ordered our favorites, oysters on the half, rare steaks, salad, and veggies so we ate and talked and talked and enjoyed. As the meal wound down Trish asked about desert and I told her that I had that arranged but it would be after coffee.

I rang the bell again, stood up and helped Trish up and walked her out on the balcony where there was a nice lounge. As before a waitperson soon arrived with cups and a coffee urn on a warmer. As they left they said that everything was ready when we were. At this Trish tried to stand but I told her to sit as we were having coffee first. We sat drinking coffee and watching the stars for about an hour and I could wait no longer so I asked Trish if she was ready for desert and helped her up.

Entering the living room it was dark but there was a flickering light coming from the bedroom door. I led her to the bedroom and could hear her suck her breath when we entered as there must have been over ONE HUNDRED candles lit and warming the room. I maneuvered her to the side of the bed and turned her toward me. Bending I kissed her and untied the sash of her robe, slipping it off her shoulders and letting it slide softly to the floor. I reached down and pulled the sheet from the pillows and down the bed. On the pillow was a single red rose and under the sheet the bed was covered in Rose petals. The scent of roses filled the air.

I eased Trish down and fixed a couple of pillows behind her. I dropped my robe and pulled a serving cart over to the bed. Raising the lid, there was a tray filled with fruit and three containers of warmed dip, one white chocolate, one dark chocolate and one honey. I speared a raspberry, dipped it into the white chocolate and fed it to Trish and she moaned as she devoured it. While she was enjoying the fruit, I unbuttoned the silk pajama top she was wearing and slipped it off, revealing my naked lady. I now dribbled some of the warm honey onto the alabaster tops of her breasts and down her soft tummy. Then I slowly licked up this little mess I made. The rest of the night was a melody of eating, teasing, licking, love making and sleeping. You would not believe how sensual fruit and warm, sweet dips can be.
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