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Leeson 5 Part 2...give 3 different character perspectives of the same event.
I was about to push the last bite of my honey glazed donut in my mouth, when the call came over my radio.

    "Disturbance at, The Jolly Gizzard".

    That's only a block away, "I better take this one", I thought.

    "Unit sixty one responding", I mumbled into my radio, with my mouth still savoring the last sweet and sticky morsel of wholesome goodness, which is my daily donut fix.

    I made my way for the exit, and as I did, I raised my left empty hand to gain the attention of my favorite little donut fetcher. She's my favorite young friend, and has a smile that could melt butter. She looked up from behind the till. I formed the shape of a pistol with my left hand, and when we made eye contact I flashed her a wink then squeezed off two imaginary rounds into her pretty little head.

    "Be careful out there" she almost laughed back to me, then gave me one of those butter melters.

    There were already two units at the scene when I arrived. My Sargent was talking to Tony, the cook at the JG. I saw Unit 44 parked with a customer in the back seat. Sarge turned from Tony, who I noticed was in cuffs, and instructed me to interview the witnesses seated on the bus bench outside the restaurant.

There were three people on the bench two females and a male. The male looked like a homeless guy I've seen around. "I'll save him for last", I thought. I pulled out a pen and opened my notepad. I approached the attractive middle aged lady sitting on the end of the bench. When I got close enough I detected a flowery perfume, barely masking the scent of alcohol.

    " Hello, I'm Constable Whitey, How're you doing today".

    "I'm mokay"

    "Can I ask you some questions about what went on here?"

    "shirtanly, you can, sweety"

    "What's your name?"

    "Shirley Talbot".

    I wrote her name in my note book. I suspected that Shirley may have been drinking. I continued with taking a report.

    "Have you had anything to drink today Shirley?"

    "Wonnertwo, maybe acouple orso"

    "It's a little early in the day to be drinking , wouldn't ya say Shirley?"

    "I get up early"

    Beside her name I wrote, "prob-intox". When I returned my eyes to Miss Talbot, for some reason she was smiling ear to ear. She stretched her neck towards me. as if to smile more directly at me. I returned her smile and resumed my questioning.

    "Alright Shirley, tell me what you saw happen here today."

    Shirley took a deep breath then began.

    "I wassin the restaurant, when outta nowhere this guy starts yellin at Tony. He's yelling, you ripped me off for meatballs, you never give enough meatballs.

He-ease sain, like, the meatballs I got were ba-ad, an your cheap with bad meatballs. An then Tony... Hee starts ta yellin back, [burp]you no like-ah the meatballsa then you ooh no order the meatballsa. Ye wanna know what happens next huh, well hang on a second, and I'll tell ya. Was your name hagain?"

"Constable Whitey."

"That's right, contandbul whitey, yur  cute. Yeah ah..These guys...start yelling... Ah meatballs this!, an meatballs that! Then...Tony...says, thats it!! get the "F" outta my ress ront. But he doesn't say "F" he says fuck."

Miss Talbot looks down at the ground, seemingly embarrassed to have said a swear, but then continues.

"Then they start yellin back an forth".  "F" this and "F" that, but sayin fuck not "F". Nex thing I knows, Tony is running outta the kitchen waving some big friggen knife. I almose spilt my drink. Ha hah Ya shouldda saw that little guy running. Tony chased him right out into the street. Good thing there were two cop cars just pulling up in front. The cops are always here, The cops love this place.The cops are always here,either here, or at the donut shop down the street."

I was taking down a few notes as Shirley told her story. I decided not to notice the fact she looked right at my belly when she mentioned the donut shop. "guilty as charged", I thought.

"What happened next, did you see anything after they were outside, I asked.?

"I saw wha appened nex. It was nothing. Tha little guy took cover behind the cop car, an when Tony saw the cops, he ee jus froze up, dropped the knife.[hic] An that was it."

"Okay Shirley, thanks for, helping us  figure out whats going on here. You don't need to stick around. We'll be in touch, if we need you.

"Thankz ossiffer, your kinda cute...Constandbull Whitey.

As Shirley waltzed away I crossed out the words "prob-intox" in my notes. I glanced over at the squad cars. Sarge now had Tony seated in the back of his car, and was pacing between cars, I assume trying to resolve the situation. I think I heard the little guy in unit 44 telling the Sarge to make Tony cook him meatballs.

    "Sorry to make you wait Ma'am, I said to the starry eyed lady, in the victorian style dress. "Would you be willing to give me a statement Ma'am?".

    "Yes. I surely would like to give testimony to what I have witnessed Constable"

    I noticed this nice lady was holding a stack of what appeared to be fliers, with pictures of Jesus on them.

I turned my head casually away from her line of sight and rolled my eyes. I turned back to her, note book at the ready, "what's your name ma'am?"

    "Bailey Quarters"

    I glanced over my note book as I wrote. "What did you witness here today?", was all that I needed to say to get her started.

    "I was walking along, offering out our church's newsletter, "REPENT" to our good people. Would you like one?"

    She held one out to me, but I gestured to her with book and pen, that my hands were full, I added my SOL expression for extra measure. "Go on Mam".

    "Well as I was approaching The Jolly Gizzard. I, I heard such a a commotion. Loud angry voices. They were coming from with-in the restaurant. I've never heard such, such a, such a filthy exchange of pure filth. it was so foul, I, I, I"

    "You heard some swearing?", I interrupted.

    "Yes. Men were cussing, using the devil's tongue. I fixated on doing God's work and went to work on, on casting out the evil spirit.

    At this point Ms Quarters stood up, I was surprised at how tall she was.

    " I put my hands in the air like this, I stood on the sidewalk facing the door way,like this , see , see, and I started into praying.... Oh Lord God help us to rid these evil spirits from here , oh lord take these evil spirits and cast them out , so the good people can have their lunch, Lord"

    "And while you were praying, did you see anything Mam? I interupted again"

    "I sure did. I saw the glory of god and the healing power of the holy spirit, so help me god,amen'.  'Because when I was praying and asking the lord to cast the evil out , the lord heard my prayer and did cast the evil perpetrators of the foulness out. I stood out side like this".

    Ms Quarters struck a pose with her arms out-stretched to her sides, but holding the picture of Jesus out front in her left hand. "See, see, like this", She continued.

    "And when the good lord delivered that first possessed  soul out onto the street, he he crumbled and fell in the face of our savior. It was the second man that was completely taken by the power of the lord. He stopped dead in his tracks, dropped the knife he was wielding, and and he fell to his knees and started to beg for mercy. I was a bit transfixed on all the power of the lord, so I'm not sure when the police arrived. Those officers over there took those men into custody, but they had already surrendered to the Lord".

    "The second man, the one with the knife, did you recognize him?, can you point him out to me?'

    "I sure did, it it was Tony, he's right over there".

    "You know Tony?".

    "Well sure I do, He's the cook here. Our prayer group meets every Tuesday in, in the lounge".

    Okay, thank you very much for making a statement Ms. Quarters, we'll be in contact with you.

    As Ms.Quarters resumed her journey in faith, I looked over towards the squad cars, Sarge was still gathering information from the combatants. I prepared to interview the last of the witnesses.

    "Hi, I'm Constable Whitey, I'll take a statement from you and let you get on your way".

    "You don't recognize me do you?"

    I took a long look at the guy. Maybe if he shaved, and had a hair cut. He may have been someone I arrested before, it's been 22 years. I couldn't place him. "No I don't recognize you, why don't you refresh my memory".

    "We grew up on Pine Street together. You were a couple years older than me. Victor Parks. Ring any bells?"

    "Yes Victor, Vic, how are you?"

    "I've been better, but I'm fine.

    I took up a seat next to Vic on the bench, the air was ripe when you got close to Vic. I imagine it's been a while since Vic has had the opportunity for a shower, or a change of clothes. "Let's get this statement taken care of and then maybe we can catch up after that, sound okay Vic?"

    "Sure, whatever you say, what do you want to know?"

    "Just tell me what you saw".

    "It's just like the ladies said, except for the "divine intervention" church lady conjured up".

    We shared a little chuckle, then Vic went on.

    "Same thing happens every day. That little guy in the cop car over there, has been bugging Tony for months. His name is James Thompson, aka Jimmy T, we worked at the plant together until it closed.

Ya Know Whitey, maybe he's losing his mind, or maybe there are some people that just have to make trouble or they're not happy, but he's been going in the JG for months ordering Tony's meatball special then raising a stink so he doesn't have to pay. Tony just got tired of it. Tried to scare him off. I guess he went a little too far". That's about all I have to say. I hope Tony doesn't get into trouble over this".

    "I have enough to proceed with weapons charges on him, but that will be up to Sarge over there"

    "It's just that, ever since Mom passed and the plant shut done, I've been struggling to survive, and Tony helps me out, with odd jobs and lets me hang outside his restaurant with my sign and stuff".

    Vic nodded towards a shopping cart filled with some yard tools and cleaning buckets with a sign on it that read,"will work for $".

    "Besides, Vic added, Nobody can cook like Tony in this town".

    Just then I noticed that my staff Sargent was walking over towards us. Tony was walking along side of him casually carrying his knife.

    "Good work Whitey, but we decided not to press any charges here. The complainant has opted for a plate of meatballs, and Tony has invited us all for a, "let bygones be bygones" lunch. You can let your witness go".

    "Thanks Sarge, glad that all worked out, but this isn't my witness, this is my neighbor Victor Parks, he'll be joining us for lunch today.







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