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Rush Limbaugh .. and other crooners.

      Rush Limbaugh has always been a wonderful public speaker.
      Why? He is concise and he presents logical arguments; if you
      except the facts supporting his premise.

      Who listens to AM radio in the middle of the work day?
      Old folks and shut-ins and folks, who can do what they please
      on the clock. Oh, and the soccer moms are big fans.

      I can write about how the economy is manipulated by short traders.
      I could speculate that the Federal Reserve is owned by the World Bank,
      i.e. the collapsing European Community. Before there was the Brotherhood
      of Islam; there was the United Arab Emirates.

      So, what? AM Radio is about selling Rogaine and prostate meds to
      angry middle aged white guys. A talk show is just trying to get ratings.
      I think Glen Beck is the funniest. He sounds like Bing Crosby and talks
      like Jerry Falwell on crystal meth. I met Jerry Falwell. He had some really
      nice callone on. Any-who, Glen Beck thinks Japan had a tsunami, because
      they don't believe in God. They're Buddhist. He wrote that in his book.

      So, Rush doesn't like feminists. What a shocker! His audience are mostly
      hen pecked men. Does Rush tell his wife to have dinner on the table when
      he gets home? Ahhhhhhhhhhhh NO.

      Do you remember LEAVE IT TO BEAVER? That's the America Rush 
      fantasizes about. "Hey Wally. Mom got a job at the 7/11. Cause dad got laid off."
      Da-da-dat-da-da-dum... Lets bring back deregulation! How many more
      companies can a corporate raider raid? Poor people are lazy! That's
      why they can't afford insurance and bleed to death in the emergency
      room. Who needs them? Were all rich! Right?

      Oh, those were the days! We could use a Herbert Hoover again!
      Remember Jim Crow? "Don't tell me what to do with color folks!
      Her-ya!" Yup, every state has its own customs... So, what's Affirmative
      Action? Communism!

      Glen-Glen your young and insane. Please come back to us Bonnie
      Glen. THE BLAZE!  "We thought it would be funny. If we asked some
      college kids .. if basket ball should have Affirmative Action."
      (Jimmy Stewart answers) "B-but, I thought Affirmative Action was s-suppose
      to help m-minorties?" You know the folks that were being lynched,
      during the Civil Rights Movement. "Hey, t-thats not f-fair!"

      How to get kicked off Fox: tell a network audience the President hates
      white people. Very clever GGGlen Bah-Beck. Wasn't Fox founded on
      tabloid baloney? Wow, that's like getting kicked off a porn site.
      I think that's special.

      Clearly, the reason for the trillions of debt in this country is lazy poor people.
      They just take and take. That's why they're so poor. And just stop paying
      for public education! Poor people are too lazy to learn! They just want a
      free meal.

      Nope. According to Rush and Glen and the other right wingers.
      The purpose of government is to deregulate the market place and
      smoke out the terrorists. How do you smoke out terrorist?
      You bomb Libya! Invade Iraq! Did anyone consult the Russians on
      Afghanistan? The problem with terrorist is; they are fanatics.
      I know this is politically incorrect, but I don't think the
      United States can afford to be the policemen of the world.

      How much are these wars costing? A billion dollars a month in Iraq.
      The military contractors are making billions on government contracts.
      No money is trickling down to the tax payers.
      It's all Obama's fault! He just wasted to much cash on Affordable Health Care.
      He doesn't understand government like George W. Bush did.... or
      George H. Bush... or Clinton? Government is for making Haliburton richer.
      Cause when big companies get richer, they hire more people ... in Mexico.
      And Americans can be proud to serve you pancakes at the International
      House of Pancakes... Let freedom sing .. like a screeching eagle!

      Sean Hannity, "Obama is letting Libya burn.... we should get out now!"
      Of course Sean thought the President was too slow to respond to the
      Libyan crisis. But, who the hell is Sean Hannity? He owned a restaurant .
      Naturally, he knows how to handle Libya. His employees were Libyans.
      Let freedom ring! But, not in Libya!  He is so right. Let's pull out of Iraq!
      "I live in Manhattan and my taxes are too high." Sean squawked.
      I feel so sorry for the you. Can you get a good seat at Spider Man?
      "The most profound musical ever." Glen Beck said.

      I will prophesy! Obama will be reelected, because the Republicans will
      blow it. And the Middle East will explode and this twerp: Bryan Reynolds
      on the cover of my Entertainment Magazine will get herpes all over.

      Did we learn something?

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