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Oh, the pleasures of a night swim.
I dive below the surface letting the languid water engulf my naked body and hoping the warmth will rid me of the goose flesh that covers my skin. When I emerge, I can feel you watching me. I steal a glance at you and see a sexy smile on your lips. Heat rises to my cheeks and my stomach fills with butterflies of nervous excitement. I've wanted you for a long time.

I swim under again, making my way a little closer to you. The water feels good on my skin and I try to imagine how good it feels against yours. I blush again as thoughts of my skin against your skin flood my brain. I look at you again and see desire in your eyes, matching mine, I know. I swim to you and stand inches away from you. My nipples brush against yours making me shiver with delight. I don't get any closer right way, but instead, I let the water move our bodies to nearly touching. You rest your arms along the side of the pool, letting your ample breasts bob and float just above the surface. That sight alone turns me on and my clit begins to tingle and throb. I run my fingers along the inside of your arms, down the side of your tits. Bypassing your nipples I run my finger along your belly to just above your pussy. I lean in, stealing a quick kiss and then I'm back for more. Running my tongue along your bottom lip, I gently nip at your top. Teasing you until I can't stand it, I kiss you deeply and passionately. My desire for you makes it almost forceful and rough and I have to back off and catch my breath. Finally, I press my body against yours and I feel your erect nipples against mine and I almost lose it right there. You moan and that makes me moan. My hands find your hands and I hold them back as to not interfere with my work. We kiss and kiss and kiss some more. I can't get enough of you. Our mouths explore each others and our tongues colide. I leave your mouth to kiss and bite your neck. I make my way down to your collarbone, nipping and licking some more. I press my leg against your thighs, willing you to spread your legs. You don't resist. I then press my pussy against yours and I can feel the heat even in the water. I release your hands so that I can use mine. Running my hands along your soft, wet skin turns me on and I can't wait to see what the rest of you feels like. Your nipples harden as I touch them. Pinching and squeezing, I bring your nipples to my mouth. Taking turns with each and giving each equal attention. Your moans and sighs make me want to cum right there. I bring my hand under the water to find your eager pussy. You are so hot and wet and I waste no time sticking my finger in your pussy, while I use my thumb to rub your clit. I slide another finger in and you moan with ecstasy. I bring my mouth to yours again and kiss you hard while finger fucking you. You start to slowly move your hips in time with my fingers and as I pump in and out faster, you move your hips harder and faster. I bring my other hand up and gently pull your hair and when you tell me to "fuck you", I pull it even harder.

"Don't cum" I whisper in your ear. I'm not done with you.

"I want to taste you" I say to you and abruptly stop everything and swim to the ladder.

You whine and whimper but follow me out. The air is cool on our skin and we are dripping wet, in more ways that one. I help you out of the pool, as I am eager to get back to what I've started. I can't keep my hands off of you even as we make our way to the deck. I lay a towel down and tell you to lie down too. I stand above you, admiring your sexy shape and your sexy, sweet, shy smile. I can't wait to make you cum. I start at your toes and lick, kiss and nibble to your ankle, and then just behind your knee. I spend quite a bit of time on your thigh, running my tongue along the salty and sweet skin. As I come up to your pussy, I intentionally hover there,but don't touch. Teasing you, I pass over and make my way down your other thigh to your toes. All the while, I'm watching your breathing get heavy while you play with your nipples. It makes me a little jealous, so I crawl over to you, placing my knee between your thighs, just barely touching your pussy. I take your nipple in my mouth while I tease and pinch the other between my fingers. I lie on you, making sure our pussy's are touching and slowly grind together. I grab your arms and raise them above your head and hold them there. My lips touch yours again. They are warm and soft and I love kissing you while our pussies are in constant contact.

I leave your mouth once again and trace a line with my tongue, down your neck, to your navel. I softly kiss you all the way down to your eager pussy. Without warning, I dart my hot, wet tongue in and out of your pussy. I lick, suck and kiss you and finally rest at your clit. While teasing and rubbing your clit with my tongue, I slide one finger and then two into your wet tunnel. Pumping in and out...soft at first, but getting harder and faster with each moan that escapes your lips. "I'm going to cum" you say, breathlessly. Slowing down, I remove my fingers and gently kiss your mound. I crawl up to your mouth and kiss you once more. I then make sure our pussies are touching before holding your hands above your head once more. "I want to cum with you"I whisper. At that, I start grinding and rubbing my clit into yours and your start to follow the motion. My nipples are rubbing against yours and I'm kissing you with force as our pussies bump and collide. We both climax together, letting the ripples of pleasure wash over us.

Our bodies are moist with water and sweat and sex.
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