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Vampires, capable of love? Who ever came up with that crazy idea?
By the time Jared had asked this, I was already halfway down the staircase. I always knew high school gym would come in handy some day.

Unfortunately, it didn’t take long for Jared to catch up with me. Yeah, I said I was in gym, but I never said I was good at gym. In fact I’m pretty sure I passed with flying colors. ‘Flying’ you know for straight F’s. Which as an accomplishment any true nerd would be proud of.

Although he struggled, Jared finally managed to get me up the stairs. Whoever bought this house in the future was probably going to need a new banister, because in attempt to escape Jared’s grasp, I’d latched onto the wood railing and held on for dear life. Like the way a child latches onto their mother’s leg when they’re about to get a shot. I screamed just as much too. Clearly the neighbors were elderly, because there’s no other way my screams couldn’t be heard unless they were deaf.

“Damn, would you-“ Jared was wrangling with me, I kept trying to knee him in the nose. I’ve heard if you can hit the nose just right, it’ll ram up into the person’s brains and kill them. Of course, this was a “vampire” so he wouldn’t die, but we’d see about that…

“I said stop!” Jared hissed as I yanked at a fistful of his hair.
“Bite me,” I grinned.

Now, I hadn’t expected that he’d actually do it, but suddenly he was seeking his teeth into my lower thigh like a juicy filet mignon.

“Hey!” I said, whacking him upside the head with my fist.

“Jared, what did I say about the biting? Refrain yourself, please!” George shouted form the opposite side of the room. George was in a kneeling position on the ground with his hands clasped in prayer in his lap. I found this odd, because you know, I never thought a vampire might be religious... not as a creature of the damned.

I returned to Jared, glaring, “Sorry,” he said, fangs retracting as he licked his lips, “I was only doing as I was told…” he grinned.

Now, I was absolutely seething. “Oh, good, well now that you’ve bitten me, I guess that means I’m a vampire too, so…” suddenly I bit down on his shoulder as hard as I could. He was shocked by the sudden pain and dropped me.

“Ow, you stupid-“ Jared began running towards me, I was scrambling away on hands and knees in the opposite direction. But before Jared could reach me, nostrils flaring like an angry bull, I noticed an odd change in the ground beneath me… or actually… the sudden LACK of ground beneath me.
When I looked down into the dark black hole that had opened in the middle of the attic floor, all I could do was scream as I plunged downward.
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