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A girl on the run from a madman.
Agnes forged ahead, drifts of snow obscuring her view of the vast, mountainous landscape, her hands frozen in gloves too thin, her face a swollen pink mass. She knew she would need to find shelter, that in this storm she couldn't survive, but what of snow ins? Avalanches? She had only her rations to eat, and they would last her less than a day in a blocked cave.

"Still a far cry from life in that bloody tower," she mumbled. "Let him find me here."

With each step her boots tried to stick in the powder and ice, but she kept moving, stomping here and there to release herself. She knew if she didn't find something substantial to eat soon, she was as good as lost. Agnes refused to give up so easily. The shadows deepened around her. Sunset never looked so bleak.

Her head was bowed but she kept a sharp eye out for anything moving in the blistering storm. Her eyes were dry and each time she blinked it felt like sandpaper, but she strained until she saw it - a nest. She struggled toward the welcome sight but her legs were sluggish and heavy and she was already winded.

She slowed her trek, determined to make it to the nest before the bird saw her. It bent a small head, sharp beak pulling apart a pink fleshy fish. Agnes followed her eyes, the images in her mind almost lascivious in their carnal detail, an odd feeling stirring down in her gut.

She was there, a few steps away, when the bird looked up. The two locked eyes. With one swipe, the bird's head was gone and the girl had sushi and poultry to keep her. Now all she needed was kindling and a cave.
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